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Nigerian manufacturers reportedly lose N20 billion yearly due to poor infrastructure. This was disclosed by the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN).

According to the chairman, MAN Apapa branch, Engr Frank Oyebu, due to the poor state of infrastructure within and around industrial estates in Amuwo Odofin and Kirikiri areas of Lagos, manufacturers lose over N20 billion annually.

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Engr Oyebu, speaking on the reasons for the poor road infrastructure in and around the industrial estates, said continuous disregard over the years by government and the establishment of new container terminals within the area led to the current state of the roads.


Speaking on the implications of the poor road infrastructure, he said the state of the roads were threatening the existence of the affected companies and had led to unsold inventories for the manufacturers within these industrial estates.

This is threatening the continued existence of companies within the industrial areas. This is more so because the drivers of these invading articulated vehicles, who take instructions from no one, most often than not, take over every inch of the roads thereby making access to members’ factories a daily torment,”  Engr Frank Oyebu

Mr Oyebu called on the government and other relevant agencies to address the traffic situation in the short term while finding a lasting solution to the poor road infrastructure.

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We call on the government to, on the short term, deploy resources to manage the traffic within the industrial zones, as well as to provide palliative measures to make the roads motorable. We would also appreciate a complete rehabilitation and construction of these roads in the long term.

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Meanwhile, the chairman, speaking on the security concerns of the situation, said members of the public and MAN members were exposed to the dangers of being robbed by street thugs. However, of greater concern to him, was the risk of containers falling off vehicles and landing on other road users.


“Moreover, Fire Service and other emergency agencies would not be able to access factories located within the industrial zones if there is an emergency,” Engr Oyebu.


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