An agreement has been reached between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLCover the new minimum wage adjustment.

The agreement was reached after about four days of the meeting. According to the Minister of State for Labour & Employment, Festus Keyamoboth the government and the organized labour signed Terms of Settlement on different percentages of adjustments. 

“After some delicate negotiations (with both Ministers as conciliators) Government & Labour have finally reached an agreement on the consequential adjustments of other wages following the implementation of the enhanced minimum wage of N30,000. We are now working on the communique. 

“At about 3 am this morning, we signed this Terms of Settlement b/w Govt & Labour which reveals different percentages of adjustments in other wages after the minimum wage adjustment. Those of the law-enforcement agencies have also been done, but are not captured in this Memorandum.” Keyamo tweeted on his official Twitter account, @fkeyamo.

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Business day

Nairametrics reported that the Federal Government and the National Assembly had approved the minimum wage of N30,000. The implementation has, however, been delayed since the approval. 

No more strike: In August, the President of the NLC, Ayuba Wabba, said the union was not prepared for any strike but a memo posted by Keyamo disclosed that the recent conciliation meeting was organized when the labour union threatened that it could not guaranty industrial peace after October 16, 2019. 

Although the time the agreement on the consequential adjustments would reflect on workers’ wages wasn’t stated in the memo shared, it has allayed the fear of any potential strike by the organised labour.

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The consequential adjustments: According to the memo seen by Nairametrics, the increment varies for all levels of workers from GL-07 to GL-18. 

  • GL 07 = 23.2% 
  • GL 08 = 20% 
  • GL 09 = 19% 
  • GL 10-14 = 16% 
  • GL 15-17 = 14% 


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