Customer relations, Some important tips for companies in view of Customer Service Week 2019
Customer relations

A basic priority of companies around the world has always been to ensure that their customers are happy, satisfied with the products/services rendered to them. This is very important because it is the only when customers are happy that businesses can succeed. Unfortunately, keeping customers satisfied can often be a very difficult task to accomplish. After all, human beings are, by their nature, very complex and difficult to satisfy.

Poor services and unhappy customers

But the issue here is not just that customers are difficult to satisfy. We should also consider the fact that some Nigerian companies are guilty of rendering poor services, thereby automatically displeasing their customers in the process. Looking through Twitter, for instance, it is very easy to see dozens of dissatisfied customers venting their anger over one problem or the other.

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Some important tips for companies in view of customer Service Week 2019

Poor customer service

Many Nigerian companies are also guilty of poor customer service. Some of them do not only respond to customers’ complaints late, but they also respond rather unpleasantly. Let us not even forget the fact that virtually all the phone lines of these companies are not toll-free. In other words, customers bear the full costs of calling to complain about the poor services rendered to them. Funny enough, when they make these calls and wait for minutes on the line before they are attended to, these companies take advantage of the moment to advertise their products.

Things could be better

As the saying goes, a customer will always be right because he/she is the one paying and any company that does not receive payments collapses eventually. Consequently, companies should always be on the lookout for ways to calm their upset customers whilst turning things around all to the company’s advantage. That is why for this year’s customer service week, we have compiled some important tips on how best to manage customers’ displeasure, courtesy of Forbes. See below:

  • Make time to listen

Again, your customers are like important gems which must be valued. Therefore, whenever they are upset and complain to you, it behoves you to listen. Pay the most attention to their complaints and ensure to understand the nature of their complaints. Doing this ensures that you are better positioned to proffer solution.

  • Acknowledge and apologise

The mere fact that a customer is upset means that they deserve an apology from you. It doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong to complain. Apologise nonetheless and ensure to do it sincerely. This helps to calm down the situation, whilst creating a friendlier atmosphere for subsequently resolving the problem at hand.

Some important tips for companies in view of customer Service Week 2019

Deal book 300 x 250
Deal book 300 x 250

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  • Act and follow up

Now, this is the important part. Always ensure that you resolve every problem posed by your customer. It is rather disheartening to see the customers of some companies keep complaining about the same issue all the time. Do not be like one of these companies. Instead, ensure to resolve customers’ complaints on time. Doing this is the only way to show them that you care.

These simple but trusted tips are key towards ensuring customer retainment and the overall success of a company. Therefore, imbibe them and have a happy customer service week.


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