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A few months after Wealth.ng’s debut appearance on the World Wide Web, the investment platform has arguably changed the game in the invest-tech space. With over 12,000 registered users on the platform, Wealth.ng is geared up to give the best service offering to all users. This is evident in the new upgrades made to the platform and the android mobile app both of which were recently launched.

What’s new?

Apart from the modern and visually appealing design on the website, the upgrade comes with a ramped-up value pack for users. Users can now view their portfolios in multiple currencies ranging from the default naira to dollars, pounds and euros. Right from the investments dashboard, users can now track the maturity dates for all their investments and view the expected returns for each investment.

Another upgrade introduced is the ability to add investments to cart from anywhere on the platform! Users can also add multiple products to cart and only pay for the products they are ready to invest in. Products not paid for will be saved in the cart for later.

The mobile App

The Wealth.ng mobile app is available on Google PlayStore and can be downloaded onto Android devices. iPhone users will not be left out as the iOS version of the mobile app will be available in App Store within a few weeks. Investing shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be simple and accessible and that’s what you get with Wealth.ng mobile app.


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