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Ever so often, Nigerian companies try as much as possible to creatively use social media to their advantage. These companies tweet funny stuff that should normally impress/excite customers. However, sometimes it backfires. Case in view is Airtel Nigeria’s recent tweet which said “…And just like that, the weekend ‘vamoosed’. Please, where did it go?”

With this tweet, Airtel implied that the weekend came and went faster than expected. It was intended to be a funny post, but many customers did not find it funny at all. Instead, they vented their frustration, complaining about Airtel’s data subscriptions which supposedly finish faster than they are supposed to.

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Airtel’s customers are not smiling

According to the customers, Airtel’s data and the weekend are always “rushing to the same place”. It is, therefore, surprising that the telco even wondered where the weekend went to, seeing as it ought to have known.


Airtel’s data: fast but finishing fast

According to information obtained from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Airtel Nigeria currently has the second largest number of active subscribers for data (internet). The company’s data subscribers (which stood at 32,403,272 as of July 2019), is second only to that of MTN Nigeria Plc. According to the NCC, Airtel has maintained this position for many months dating back to last year.

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While many Nigerians subscribe to Airtel’s data service because it is relatively fast, they also complain because it finishes faster than it is supposed to. That is why customers were sarcastic with their responses on Airtel’s tweet about the weekend.


A quick overview of the competitive telecoms industry

In Nigeria today, the top three telecoms companies in terms of market share are MTN Nigeria, Airtel, and Glo. While MTN Nigeria has managed to maintain its leading position for many years, Glo recently lost its second position to Airtel.

In terms of data service, MTN Nigeria and Airtel are relatively more expensive. They also finish faster than Glo’s. Ironically, customers prefer MTN and Airtel data unlike Glo data. This is because even though Glo data is cheaper and last longer, it is also unpleasantly slow.

In all, there is a need for Nigerian telecoms services providers need to continually improve on their services for the benefit of customers. In the case of Airtel, one customer identified as Essien Alex has a clear message as you can see below.


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