Earlier today, Glo Nigeria tried to motivate its customers by sharing a motivational message on its official Twitter page. Unfortunately, the message backfired on the telecoms company because some of its aggrieved customers quickly pointed out the irony of it all.

According to Globacom, there will always be people who will try to discourage you from achieving your goals because it seems impossible for them. But you should never let their perceived impossibility stop you from getting what you want in life.

By all means, this is a positive message from Glo. It is powerful enough to inspire anyone who wishes to achieve greatness. The only problem, however, is that some of the service provider’s customers think it is rather ironical that the company would write this kind of message in the first place.

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As a matter of fact, virtually all the comments on the post berated Glo for its notoriously poor service which it has failed to improve on over the years. One Finidi Eniye Dina simply pointed out how Glo’s data and network services are impossible to use.

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Another Twitter user even argued that somebody’s business venture could be jeopardised if such a business depends entirely on Glo for its network solutions.

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Another Glo customer somewhere in Akure, Ondo State, lamented that even though he is using 2G network where he is, the service is still very poor. He called on Glo to do better because customers are getting frustrated.

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Meanwhile, as unbelievable as it may seem, some Glo customers somewhere in Nigeria are complaining that they cannot even make phone calls, not to talk of browse on the Glo network.

A customer identified as Babalola Ayodeji aptly described the network- it is slow like a snail and the company doesn’t seem to be doing enough to resolve the issues customers keep complaining about.

Meanwhile, the network provider has responded to virtually all the customers, apologising profusely for the inconveniences while promising to resolve the issues. However, it remains to be seen whether the company can ever fully improve its services in order to compete effectively with its major competitors.

Note that recent data from the Nigerian Communications Commission has shown that Airtel has overtaken Glo to become the second leading network provider in the company in terms of market share. Prior to this time, Glo was the second leading telecoms company for many quarters. Unfortunately, its perpetual bad network got many customers tired.




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