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Ekeh, Zinox boss, intervenes in Imo State with N1 billion

Chairman, Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh has declared a three-year interest free loan of N1 billion to petty traders and small and medium businesses in Imo State.



Ekeh and Ihedioha, Zinox

Chairman, Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh has declared a three-year interest free loan of N1 billion to petty traders and small and medium businesses in Imo State. Ekeh, a native of Imo State, disclosed the intervention is to reduce hardship, stimulate business activities and give hope to the majority of the people in the state.

Further, Ekeh launched an educational support project for indigent but intelligent students of the state to enable them acquire proper university education. For this, Ekeh set up a non-interest revolving loan scheme of N500 million.

He made this disclosure at the flag-off/groundbreaking of the construction/rehabilitation of rural roads by the Imo State Government. The event, which held on Tuesday, August 27th at Ubomiri, Mbaitoli Local Government, had in attendance, the Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha. Also in attendance were traditional rulers and partner agencies from the World Bank and French Development Agency (AFD).

Indigent students will benefit from the revolving loan scheme to further and complete their education. Graduates from the scheme will also be exposed to employment opportunities.

Subsequently, the graduate-beneficiaries will be expected to refund the loan once they are gainfully employed at zero interest. This will ensure the sustenance of the scheme and allow others to benefit from it.

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First Class graduates will be exempted from repayment of the loans as a reward for their sterling performance. Conversely, students whose grades drop to third class will be ejected from the scheme.

Ekeh believes that in the next 10 years, the interventions and the government’s commitment in these respects will reposition Imo state as the envy of all. Additionally, the serial digital entrepreneur revealed that Imo State is being used as a model. He disclosed that if it works, the efforts will be replicated in more states in Nigeria.

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The Zinox boss equally donated 20 laptops and a set of printers to the Imo State Government.

“I am very sure other well-meaning Nigerians will borrow the same strategies to replicate in their communities. This is not the age of free money and bad wastages. The 21st century is the age of privileges and opportunities.

“Nigerians must imbibe the culture of earning a living and paying back so that others can benefit. Cash is not inexhaustible. What I have done is use myself as personal collateral in addition to putting up some of my assets to try and bail out a percentage of my people.

“Indeed, if it works, the multiplier effects shall be far-reaching. If they fail me, it is a disaster but that is life. I have done the same in the ICT sector in the last 15 years with over N10b and it is still working. Most successful people in the world did not receive cash from their families so how did they become globally successful?”

Ekeh, a global advisor to Microsoft, revealed that he has not slept in his mansion in Owerri in the past six years.

“Each time I visit home, I often leave depressed. This is because of the state of things and the money I have to spend to help out those in dire conditions. With these interventions, I am confident that things will take a positive turn soon,” he affirmed.

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In his speech at the event, Gov. Ihedioha expressed appreciation to Ekeh for the humanitarian and noble gesture, even as he expressed pride in the Zinox Boss.

“Imo State is proud to have a son like Leo Stan Ekeh. I am aware he put up some of his assets in order to raise the funds for the projects he has announced today. May God continually bless him for all that he does for humanity.  I am hopeful that other well-meaning Imo indigenes will join us to rebuild the state.”

Speaking at the event, Chief Victor Emeto heaped encomiums on the Zinox boss.

“Leo Stan Ekeh is the next to God not just in Imo State and our town Ubomiri in particular. He carries all our responsibilities from school and church building and maintenance to raising nursery schools in every church.

“He has an annual budget for every church in the community and does not limit it to Catholics only. Same with the education of our children and electricity. What is more disarming is his humility and quietness with which he does these things.

“In fact, he picks every phone call from anybody from this town, no matter how small. Any time he is home, he sits on the floor with us to discuss our problems.”

Also lending his voice was the oldest man in the Ubomiri community, Nze Moses Duru.

“Chief Leo Stan Ekeh is God-sent to Imo State. We are aware he supports other states in Nigeria. That is why we continue to pray for him and he does things without making a noise.”

Nze Duru ended by disclosing that Ekeh was equally responsible for facilitating the electricity in the village.


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Remitano launches Mission, a new online job market for crypto lovers

Remitano introduces Missions, a simple, short-term task platform that anyone can do and get paid for.



Remitano, global P2P crypto exchange, has just launched a new online job market – Mission, the platform’s latest element in its push to realize its full potential and open a new window of employment opportunities to crypto users.

Missions are simple, short-term tasks that anyone can do and get paid for. For example, “Share a Remitano post on Facebook.” The new online job market will provide a range of ‘easy and quick apply’ jobs (mission) for crypto lovers wishing to have additional earnings. This way, applicants can skate through the application process and land jobs fast.

As of the August 2020 announcement, Remitano already released a set of guidelines for users looking to take advantage of the offerings. The guide includes:

  • Highlights of the missions
  • Steps to apply
  • Application requirements

Complete a Mission and Get Instant Crypto

While the internet has become the most vital channel for personal recruiting, and people consider different aspects of a job to be fulfilling, some common elements include work-life balance, growth, and a strong work community. Remitano’s newest mission is geared towards promoting similar values and keeping like–minds meaningfully engaged with the crypto community.

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Furthermore, Remitano is thrilled to collaborate with greenhorns interested in building along with it. Hence, if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading and wish to maximize your earnings or want a legitimate way to get instant crypto without purchasing it, you can create a free Remitano account, and join the mission for the next job on hand.

Why You Might Want to Join Remitano’s Mission

  • A side job: If you’re looking to expand your income or even monetize your free time, missions are ready for the taking. You will be poised to earn extra cash by helping to present Remitano’s ideas across the internet.
  • More remote flexibility: with more people working from home, having a practical and comfortable working space is more important than ever. Remitano encourages this by providing digitized work environments for its employees’ remote adaptability.
  • Unlimited geography: missions are for everyone, no matter where they are. Job seekers can access available online jobs from anywhere and apply for roles they fit into.
  • Streamlined application: applicants only need to prep and submit requisites and certificates, allowing you to walkover face-to-face interviews
  • Instant credit of cryptocurrency: once a mission is completed, successful candidates will receive instant crypto remuneration to their Remitano wallets.

About Remitano

GTBank 728 x 90

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited based in Seychelles. As a fast-moving marketplace, Remitano’s purpose is to offer a robust, quality trading experience to all users. With necessary safety standards in place, buyers and sellers can come together, store, trade, and retrieve assets, thus minimizing challenges common to crypto exchanges.

Launched in 2014, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets, such as Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Got Questions?

Reach out to Remitano via:

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Are SMEs the solution to Nigeria’s wailing economy?

MTN Nigeria commenced The Revv Program to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on SMEs across Nigeria.



The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic this year has been a major disaster to several sectors including the financial sector. The ensuing lockdown affected the global economy tremendously. SMEs in Nigeria were among the worst hit.

According to a survey published by the Fate Foundation and BudgIT on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Nigerian SMEs’, 94.3% of the total 1,943 respondents said the pandemic has negatively affected their business.

Back in 2017, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector comprising approximately 40 million SMEs contributed an estimated 48% to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and employed 84% of the country’s entire workforce, according to a National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) report released in 2018.

GDP is an important indicator of a country’s economic power. According to the NBS, Nigeria’s 2017 GDP was worth about N113.7 billion. Of that amount, the SME sector contributed 48%; that’s two percent short of half the total amount. This value provided by SMEs, which ensures the smooth running of the country, is why they are referred to as the bedrock of the economy.

But this was before the pandemic and the accompanying lockdown that resulted in an unprecedented economic tailspin affecting business operations, consumer spending, loss of jobs, and livelihoods. According to the Fate Foundation and BudgIT survey, off the businesses still managing to stay afloat, 72.1% cannot find the cash flow to continue running their business, and 59.2% are struggling to increase their revenue base.

GTBank 728 x 90

When asked in what area they want to be supported, 72.1% answered with cash flow; 67.7% said they’ll need support to make sales; 89.4% want the federal government to provide them with funding; 33.8% need access to markets; 74% want the private sector to support with funding; and 62.9% want business support.

Recently, MTN Nigeria commenced an initiative tagged The Revv Program to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on small businesses across Nigeria. Working with relevant stakeholders, subject-matter experts, and the company’s executives, the program aims to support over 10,000 small businesses.

At the virtual launch, Chief Executive Officer, MTN Nigeria, Ferdi Moolman, called on large corporates to join MTN and “strongly position themselves to support SMEs as a foundation to the growth of a stronger economy going into 2021 and beyond”, saying “The Revv Programme is our way of standing with SMEs in their journey to rise through these challenging times.”

GTBank 728 x 90

Adopting a four-pronged approach that includes masterclass sessions, support with productivity tools, access to market and advisory initiatives, the programme seeks to help SMEs relearn, readjust, and retool their businesses. The masterclasses which have been held weekly since August 18 focuses on core areas of business management as part of a broader strategy to uplift the SMEs.

This will be followed by the selection of The Y’ello 200 (two hundred top-performing SMEs from the sessions) that will enjoy exclusive access to a broad range of technology and productivity tools and services absolutely free, for a period of six months. They will also receive productivity support to enhance their business performance, in addition to access to MTN’s media assets for product marketing, which will open up new market opportunities for their business’ growth and expansion.

The majority of the small businesses affected by the pandemic are facing funding problems.  The first masterclass, themed “Accessing the Right Funding for Your Business”, addressed this need. MTN Nigeria’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Modupe Kadri, together with other subject-matter experts threw light on ways SMEs can access funding from investors, and the role a properly managed cash flow system plays. “Anybody that wants to advance some securities to you will want to know the strength of your cash flow management; how you generate the income streams and how you’re going to keep the lead on that. The same thing also applies to your costs”, Kadri said.

In a subsequent masterclass themed, “Setting Up Your Business for Success: The Technology Advantage”, the Chief Enterprise Business Officer of MTN Nigeria, Lynda Saint-Nwafor shared that the concern for SMEs is at the core of The Revv programme. “We have the interest of SMEs at heart and whilst we do not provide all the services that are applicable, we are willing to partner with organisations that provide access to technology tools that are relevant to SMEs on a platform that makes it easy for them to access at the right price”, according to Lynda.

The Revv Programme will not be the first time MTN is supporting small businesses in the country. In 2018 the company launched the viral “Man In The Box” campaign with commendable outcomes for SMEs in the country. The idea was to support small businesses with technology solutions and create awareness for them by showcasing their businesses in the “Box” to the entire world.

For 24 hours and for free, selected businesses were showcased within the “Box” on LED screens, and across MTN’s social media platforms. Man In The Box was a huge success; it awakened Nigerians to the enormous untapped possibilities that litter the SME space. SMEs that were featured in the “Box” told amazing testimonies of how they witnessed growth and increased patronage of their businesses.

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As we transit to a post-COVID environment, small businesses that had their business affected by the pandemic and are looking for new sources of income will have to pay attention to the programme. The good thing is, it does not matter how bad the pandemic may have affected their success, business will soon shape up for SMEs, especially the 10,000 small businesses to benefit from The Revv Programme. And with that, they will continue to provide the much-needed backbone for Nigeria’s economy.

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How to open free Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

Cardtonic is one of the platforms that provides a free bitcoin wallet address in Nigeria.



How to open free Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

When it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a bitcoin wallet address is very essential. A Bitcoin wallet address is made up of a string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, that allows you to send and receive bitcoin.

Any bitcoin address can be used to transfer cryptocurrency to any other address on the network, provided the sender’s wallet software supports that address type. All addresses represent a destination on the Bitcoin network.

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How To Open Free Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

Creating a bitcoin wallet in Nigeria is very easy. Wallets come on different platforms with different features in Nigeria. However, it’s advisable you always go for the best. This guide will help you to find the best Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria for you.

How Do I Get A Free Bitcoin Wallet Address In Nigeria?

There are various ways to get a free wallet address in Nigeria. Prominent among them is by signing up to a platform that offers a free bitcoin wallet address.

GTBank 728 x 90

Cardtonic is one of the platforms that provides a free bitcoin wallet address in Nigeria. It is an online broker trading platform that facilitates the buying and selling of bitcoin, as well as gift cards. The bitcoin/gift card trading platform is designed to aid the buying and selling of bitcoin.

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Get Free Bitcoin Wallet Address on Cardtonic

Cardtonic now offers Bitcoin Wallet Address for all users. The idea is that for each Bitcoin transaction, users will generate a unique, single-use address to provide to senders.

GTBank 728 x 90

Why Cardtonic Offers The Best Bitcoin Wallet Address In Nigeria

Cardtonic has a nationwide reach, serving traders across Nigeria. Safe to say that it is also one of the largest gift card and Cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Nigeria.

Cardtonic deals in bitcoin and gift cards exchange, and at the same time provides a bitcoin wallet address that is of blockchain standard.

It is also one of the foremost bitcoin trading sites in Nigeria as it has greatly simplified the process for customers. The competitive advantage ranges from offering one of the fastest transaction times to having an extensive customer support system that is always on hand to provide assistance, not leaving behind the amazing bitcoin exchange rates. Thus, Cardtonic is raising the bar on bitcoin trading.

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Therefore, with all the ease around bitcoin trading on Cardtonic, whether you are trading little or large, you’d like to get value and ease for them. And apart from the fact that there are a limited number of platforms that have such features in Nigeria, not every service can be trusted in terms of security, efficiency, and exchange rate. All these can be guaranteed with Cardtonic.

How To Create Bitcoin Wallet Address On Cardtonic

To create an address on Cardtonic, follow the steps below:

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  1. Visit the website or download the mobile app on your android or iOS.
  2. As a user, proceed to the bitcoin trade page and generate your bitcoin address
  3. The address becomes permanently yours. You can receive bitcoin into your address at any time.
  4. Any amount of bitcoins sent to your address will be automatically added to your naira balance at the corresponding rates.
  5. Bitcoin trades on Cardtonic are completely automated and require no human or manual intervention.

Get Started

Download Cardotnic Mobile App:


Mail: Support[@at]

Phone/Whatsapp: 07060502770

Instagram: @Cardtonic

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