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Following the FBI’s release of a list containing about 80 Nigerians who were involved in a money laundering case, Nigerians have taken to social media platform, Twitter to react and express their views on the matter.

The United States Department of Justice had released a statement on Thursday which included the list and the charges including conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and aggravated identity theft among other substantive charges.

According to the FBI, it was said to be one of the biggest online fraud case that have gone down in history.

Reactions: The feelings portrayed in the reactions ranged from anger to embarrassment, shock, irritation and disgust. While some people thought we should take this in a positive light and call out Nigerians making us proud, others thought otherwise. This is as some even went as far as expressing ethnic sentiment on the scandal.


Others also dwelt on how this issue is going to affect the nation as a whole and ruin opportunities for Nigerians.

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Others tagged the list to tribe by calling out Igbos stating that they were tarnishing the image of fellow Nigerians. This caused a tribalism war as others disagreed with this claim.


However, some people were of the opinion that Okeke “Invictus” Obiwanne who was arrested about a week ago for $11 million computer fraud was in connection with this list.



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