Business success goes beyond checking the financial records and ensuring production is uninterrupted. Modern business now involves the packaging of certain fashion brands from top to bottom in the organizational chain. An organization that has success as its goal and priority will focus on the latest trend in the fashion industry, as it will no doubt add not only value to its overall success but also bring in more clients on a regular basis. All of these can be achieved if you could win more clients with these 7 amazing fashion tips.

Don’t overdress

Looking good is good business to the company and also to a potential client. However, every employee or entrepreneur must understand that there is a thin line between dressing nicely to the office and overdressing. You must be able to draw a line between both by creating a standard bar where clients would derive the needed platform to see you in a positive light as a reflection of what the company or organization represents.

Get shoe shine daily

One of the first accessories that people see you on is your shoe. Your shoe can either make a fashion statement and draw in more clients or create a disaster statement by driving away potential clients. One of the basic rules when it comes to dressing nice to the office, involves giving your shoe its daily shoe shine. It is the least a serious-minded employee can do. It speaks volume of not just yourself but the company you represent.

Always put on a wrist watch

How embarrassing can it be if a potential client wants to have an idea of the time and you fidget with your empty wrist that is bare? It is not a good way to impress a client and does it portray a good image of an organization or company you represent. A wrist watch is a basic and compulsory fashion accessory one must put on daily. I am not talking of a gold wrist watch, but simple leather wrist watch can suffice. Also ensure it is working, as any erroneous time telling could spell doom.

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Don’t show cleavage

No serious client would want to see your cleavages. You can do that when going for a party, picnic or in-house gathering. A business environment tailored towards achieving success and client satisfaction can do without the unnecessary distraction of females showing cleavages via unethical dress codes. Dress smart, nice and friendly, not exposing sensitive parts in the guise of impressing potential clients.

Be color conscious

Every employee must grab a hold of color combination. It’s not restricted to females alone. Male employees must understand that they shouldn’t put on very bright colors. Stick to somber colors in your office choice clothes. A pair of black trousers with a yellow top and a green tie with a red suit is a disaster waiting to occur in a business environment. If in doubt, you can always ask others who are experienced in business fashion.

Choose tailored clothing, not already made outfits

Its cheaper to buy already made outfits than making your own dresses or outfit. However, there are some already made outfits that don’t really fit our distinct features. This may later create problems when going out on an official assignment. On the other hand, tailored clothing are made to fit as measurements are usually taken before they are made. Go for tailored clothing and get a distinct outfit that stands you out from the crowd and attracts the right clients.

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Be mindful of unnecessary accessories

Blings are fashionable but not to be worn to the office. They are meant for parties and other fashion friendly social outings, not for a serious work environment. No need for putting on strong perfumes to the office. If possible avoid putting on perfumes unless soft. Wrist watches that are too shinny and odd must be avoided by all means as well.

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