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Multiple taxations is now a major topic of discussion among traders across the country. Particularly, traders in Enugu State appear to have had enough of it, as they decried the effect of the multiple taxes they pay.

The traders aired their grievances as they stated that they were burdened with different types of levies and taxes that were affecting their businesses. Some of the levies include sanitation levy, annual levy, EEDC levy, packing late levy and special security levy. The dealers were also asked to pay permits like wheelbarrow permit, hawkers’ permit and eating permit.

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According to some of the traders, the stall levies were also progressing annually and the impact of the taxes was felt down to the wheelbarrow pushers and hawkers of sachet water, who are only struggling to survive.

Effect of multiple taxation on these traders: While the government is shouldered with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties, it is pertinent to understand that the multiple taxation in the state isn’t favouring the traders and dealers.


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Multiple taxation is sometimes a factor responsible for the crumbling of small businesses as taxes are usually too much for the traders to cope with. This is why these tax policies and levies need to be designed to fit the capabilities of the small businesses so as not to lead them into loss.

Upshots: Multiple taxation for petty traders is no doubt worrisome, specifically for traders in Nigeria. As Omotolani Ashiru, Lead, Internal Audit, Compliance and Tax at UPS, had asserted, going by a recent report by the United Nations (UN), 98 million Nigerians are now living in multidimensional poverty. Normally, in this regard, the government’s focus should be on putting in economic policies to drive and boost local trade and income, as against putting more tax burden on already poor citizens.

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