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In a bid to help spread the importance and relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in the country, Cadbury Nigeria has partnered with Edusko Africa and Techeduhub to train 50 children in Lagos. 

According to Cadbury, the aim of the training was to sensitise the children and keep them on track on how the world is evolving and how AI and Robotics are changing the face of banking in the world today.

The organization also wanted to help the children improve their technical knowledge and enhance their skills, considering the global digital revolution happening in the world. 

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Artificial Intelligence refers to the use of a computer to replicate human intelligent behaviour. It is usually used to help proffer solutions with little or no human intervention. 


How AI and Robotics are evolving banking: AI and Robotics are no doubt becoming fastgrowing trends in the Nigerian banking sector. Zenith, Access, and Stanbic IBTC Banks are already taking advantage of it to provide a seamless process to customers. 

The technologies can help in fraud detection, credit allocation and risk management, amongst others. It is also important in customer service. Through AI, banks and fintechs now have customized chat boxes that offer personalized responses to fit each customer’s needs on their banking sites and apps.  

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Examples of AIenabled systems are virtual assistants like Apples’ Siri, Amazon’s Alex and Google Apps navigation system which uses analytics to correctly estimate traffic conditions in order to detect efficient routes for the user. 

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This Cadbury’s initiative also offered certificates to children who performed outstandingly during the course of the training as the children were asked to build drones, 2D games, and robotic cars, amongst others.



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