Kayan Mata

The fact that sex sells is not news. But the profit “sexpreneurs” are raking in, especially in Nigeria’s conservative society, has become something to talk about. Despite Nigerians’ unwillingness to publicly discuss sexual matters, the use of drugs to enhance sexual performance has been on the increase. And business savvy individuals are taking advantage of the situation.

There has long been a rising demand for paraphernalia in the sex market, ranging from condoms and other contraceptives to sex toys, lubricants, lingerie and now, Kayan Mata. Nairametrics took a special interest in the Kayan Mata business, which is about products commonly used to boost sexual performance among women. You will not believe how this business is low-key making many millionaires!

What is Kayan Mata all about?

From the heart of Northern Nigeria exists herbs and spices that serve as sexual enhancers. These are local aphrodisiacs that many have confirmed work wonders in the bedroom. Kayan Mata in the Hausa language means “Women’s things.” It is said that these aphrodisiacs are given to Northern women on their wedding nights to help in consummating their marriages; a tradition that has been passed from one generation to another.

Kayan Mata comes in different forms depending on what the user seeks, such as the Simi, Gindin Ayu, Turaren Wuta, Dan Mannau, Goron Tula (Silky kola), etc. These things are particularly found in states like Sokoto, Maiduguri, Kastina, and Kebbi.

Gorontula another variety of Kayan mata majorly found in Gombe State.
Gorontula another variety of Kayan mata majorly found in Gombe State.

A Look at the Market Situation

The market is thriving on the needs of individuals who want to have interesting sex lives. The selling of Kayan Mata is so widespread that when you walk around Yaba market as a lady, sellers beckon on you to come patronize them; luring you with its benefits. Since many find it intriguing, they end up buying.

A popular Kayan Mata online seller, Hauwa Muhammad, owner of the popular Jaruma Empire, has popularized the use of Kayan Mata on social media. A bottle of Kayan Mata goes for a N100,000 while a consultation session with her goes for N50,000. In one of her YouTube videos, Jaruma disclosed that in a week, more than 30 women come to her for her services.

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How to start your own business

According to a Kayan Mata seller in Lagos who pleaded anonymity, it is possible to start the business with anything from N30,000 and above. she stated that the kayan Mata that comes in sealed packs are always cheaper while the original ones from Northern Nigeria are more expensive and will require higher capital (about N100, 000 and above) to start up.

She added that before she ventured into the business she verified prices from differnet sellers and used some herself to know how healthy it is on the body. She continued that Kayan Mata sells fast if the seller knows and understand her target audience. She advised beginners to start with smaller packages worth N20,000 then invest more as they sell up.

Deal book 300 x 250

She further noted that with a startup capital of N20,000, one could earn as much as N60,000 in interest. Kayan Mata could virtually be sold anywhere, be it online or offline. Someone can particularly take advantage of social media to get a lot of customers.

Kayan mata

Special Note: It is always good to buy from the Northern traders in the north, as there is a room for a good bargain and more authentic products.

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Kayan Mata to the world; is this a possibility?

Just like most sex industries which provide different contraceptives and enhancers, the use of Kayan Mata can go global too. This is because it has proven to be a healthy way of improving intimacy among couples.

Petty traders can brand the Kayan Mata and make it recognizable brands since it has proven to be safe. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) can also verify and endorse the product so that it can be exported from Nigeria to the world, thereby helping the country to earn forex.



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