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Chams Plc returns to the top spot

@chams_plc led the best performing stocks on the @nsecontact for the trading week ended May 31st, 2019.



NSE, Gainers and Losers, Nigerian Stock exchange

This week, the Nigerian Stock Exchange All Share Index closed in positive territory. The NSE All Share Index opened the week at 30,881.29 and closed at 31,069.37 basis points, up 0.61%.  

The market opened for four trading days this week as the federal government declared Wednesday, 29th May, 2019 a public holiday to mark the Inauguration Day celebrations 2019. 

35 equities appreciated in price during the week, higher than 30 in the previous week. 24 equities depreciated in price, lower than 40 equities of the previous week, while 109 equities remained unchanged, higher than 98 equities recorded in the preceding week. 


Chams Plc  

Chams Plc makes a return to the top position this week. The stock gained 15.15% this week, opening at N0.33 and closing at N0.38, up N0.05. Year to date, the stock is up 90%. 

Sterling Bank Plc  

Sterling Bank Plc appreciated by 11.11% this week. The stock opened at N2.07 and closed at N2.30, up N0.27. Year to date, the stock is up 21.05%.  

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated 

ETI opened the week at N10.05 and closed at N11.15, up N1.10 or 10.95%. Year to date, the stock is down 20.36%. 

AXA Mansard Insurance Plc  

AXA appreciated by 10% this week. The stock opened at N1.80 and closed at N1.98, up N0.18. Year to date, the stock is up 8.20%.  

Learn Africa Plc  

Learn Africa Plc gained 9.84% this week. The stock opened at N1.22 and closed at N1.34, up N0.12. Year to date, the stock is down 1.47%.  

Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals  

Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc opened the week at N0.51 and closed at N0.56, up N0.05 or 9.80%. Year to date, the stock is down 28.21%. 

Livestock Feeds Plc  

Livestock Feeds Plc opened the week at N0.54 and closed the week at N0.59, up N0.05 or 9.26%. Year to date, the stock is up 20.41%. 

Unity Bank Plc  

Unity Bank Plc gained 9.23% this week. The stock opened the week at N0.65 and closed at N0.71, up N0.06. Year to date, the stock is down 33.64%. 

Law Union and Rock Insurance Plc  

Law Union and Rock Insurance Plc opened the week at N0.44 and closed at N0.48, up N0.04 or 9.09%. Year to date, the stock is down 20%. 

Courteville Business Solutions Plc 

Courteville Business Solutions Plc rounds up the top 10 gainers for the week. The stock opened at N0.22 and closed at N0.24, up N0.02. Year to date, the stock is up 20%. 

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Berger Paints Plc 


Berger Paints Plc was the worst performing stock this week. The stock declined by 9.52%, opening at N7.35 and closing at N6.65, down N0.70.  

Year to date, the stock is down 22.67% and trading at its lowest point this year.  

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RT Briscoe Plc  

RT Briscoe Plc opened the week at N0.32 and closed at N0.29, down N0.03 or 9.38%. Year to date, the stock is down 23.68%. 

Eterna Plc  

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Eterna Plc shed 8.75% this week. The stock opened at N4 and closed at N3.65, down N0.35. Year to date, the stock is down 22.34%. 

CAP Plc 

Chemical and Allied Products (CAP) Plc declined by 8.53% this week. The stock opened at N34 and closed at N31.10, down N2.90. Year to date, the stock is down 10.76%, and is trading at its lowest point this year.  

The stock was marked by down by N2.90, this week and ex dividend price was N31.10.  


Champion Breweries Plc  

Champion Breweries opened the week at N1.10 and closed at N1.01, down N0.09 or 8.18%. Year to date, the stock is down 49.25% and is trading at a year low.  

Fidelity Bank Plc  

Fidelity Bank Plc opened the week at N1.81 and closed at N1.68, down N0.13 or 7.18%. Year to date, the stock is down 17.24%. 

Jaiz Bank Plc  

Jaiz Bank Plc shed 6.12% this week. The stock opened at N0.49 and closed at N0.46, down N0.03 or 6.12%. Year to date, the stock is down 8%. 

Veritas Kapital Assurance Plc 

Veritas Kapital Assurance opened the week at N0.21 and closed at N0.20, down N0.01 or 4.76%. Year to date, the stock is down 13.04%. 

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc  

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc declined by 4.71% this week. The stock opened at N8.50 and closed at N8.10, down N0.40.  

Year to date, the stock is down 33.06% and trading at its lowest price point 

Oando Plc  

Oando Plc rounds up the top 10 losers for the week. The stock shed 4.20% this week, opening at N4.40 and closing at N4.20, down N0.20.  

Year to date, the stock is down 5.38%.  

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), yesterday  ordered Oando Plc‘s Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Wale Tinubu to resign from his position over serious infractions including false disclosures, market abuses, amongst others.

The regulator disclosed that it has also barred Tinubu alongside his deputy, Omamofe Boyo from being directors of any quoted company for the next five years.

The company has however called the allegations unsubstantiated, and as such, the recommendations/penalties are pointless. Oando has however vowed to challenge the recommendations.

Onome Ohwovoriole has a degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Benin and prior to joining Nairametrics in December 2016 as Lead Analyst had stints in Publishing, Automobile Services, Entertainment and Leadership Training.He covers companies in the Nigerian corporate space, especially those listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).He also has a keen interest in new frontiers like Cryptocurrencies and Fintech. In his spare time, he loves to read books on finance, fiction as well as keep up with happenings in the world of international diplomacy.You can contact him via [email protected]

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United Capital Executive Director acquires 2 million additional shares worth N12.4 million

An Executive Director of United Capital Plc has purchased additional units of its shares worth N12.4 million.



Group Executive Director, others acquire over 3.5 million shares of United Capital Plc

United Capital Plc has notified the Nigerian Stock Exchange that one of its Executive Directors, Sunday Anene has acquired 2,000,000 additional units of its shares, worth N12.4 million.

In line with the Nigerian Stock Exchange policy on insider dealing, the formal disclosure was made by the company’s secretary, Leo Okafor.

According to the disclosure, the recent deal which took place on the 24th of February, 2021, saw Mr Anene purchase 2,000,000 additional units of the firm’s shares at N6.20 per unit, totalling N12.4 million.

Meanwhile, United Capital Plc share price currently trades at N6.24 on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Results from its recently released FY 2020 financials showed a 57% increase in Profit After Tax, from N4.97 billion to N7.81 billion.

Other key financial metrics recorded impressive growth, part of which played an underlying role in the declaration of a total dividend of N4.2 billion- a major improvement of about 40% when compared to 2019 figures.

What you should know

  • Mr Anene had in November 2020, spent the sum of N3.75 million on additional 915,574 units of the firm’s shares.
  • United Capital Plc is a Nigeria-based financial and investment services company, offering a wide array of services like investment banking, portfolio management, securities trading and trusteeship etc.

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Sell-offs resume in Nigerian stock market, catalyzed by Ecobank, Fidson

Investor sentiment as measured by market breadth was negative with 24 decliners and 14 advancers.



Nigerian Breweries brings the Bears to party, Investors down N20.5 billion 

Nigerian bourse ended the fourth trading session on a negative note. Nigeria’s All-share index depreciated by 0.31% today to 40,095.49 index points.

Year-to-date return and market capitalization settled at -0.43% and N20.97 trillion respectively.

  • A total volume of 326.0 million units of shares, valued at N3.7 1billion exchanged hands in 4,567 deals.
  • Across coverage sectors, the performance was mostly negative as most tracked indices finished south. The NSE banking, consumer goods, and oil & gas fell by 1.44%, 0.79%, and 0.15% respectively.
  • On the flip side, the NSE insurance improved by 0.24%, while the industrial index closed flat.
  • Investor sentiment as measured by market breadth was negative with 24 decliners and 14 advancers. LASACO (-9.68%) led the laggards today, while CHAMS (+9.09%) finished top gainer.

Top gainers

  1. CHAMS up 9.09% to close at N0.24
  2. ROYALEX up 8.00% to close at N0.27
  3. WEMABANK up 7.69% to close at N0.7
  4. REDSTAREX up 5.77% to close at N3.3
  5. PRESTIGE up 4.55% to close at N0.46

Top losers

  1. LASACO down 9.68% to close at N1.24
  2. FIDSON down 8.41% to close at N4.9
  3. ETI down 6.31% to close at N5.2
  4. MBENEFIT down 5.13% to close at N0.37
  5. UACN down 5.03% to close at N7.55


Nigerian stocks ended the second trading session of the week on a bearish note amid profit-taking across the market spectrum.

  • Downtrend was driven by price depreciation medium and large capitalized stocks amongst which are; ETI, FIDSON, UACN.
  • That being said, Nairametrics envisages cautious buying on the account that certain market indicators reveal investors are taking some of their gains across the market spectrum.

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