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The stage is now set for the historic all English European football finals. The finalists will reportedly earn a lump sum following their success in the 2018/19 Season. It is the first time all four finalists in Europe’s top two competitions have come from one country.

According to the estimated figures earlier released by UEFA, the finalist in both UEFA Champions League and Europa League Cups will scoop over €250 million Prize.

Following Liverpool FC‘s dramatic win against Barcelona FC and Tottenham‘s win against Ajax in the Champions League, the two teams are set for the final showpiece in Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain on 1 June 2019.

On the other hand, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC are also set to lock horns together in the Europa Cup League final, after both edged Valencia and Eintracht Frankfurt to book their spots in the Europa League final in Baku on Wednesday, 29th May.

Breakdown of Prize Distributions

UEFA estimates the revenue for 2018-19 season’s Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup to be around €3.25 billion. However, the European football governing body has disclosed that prize money pool for the 2018-19 Champions League season is a record-breaking €2.04 billion which will be distributed among Champions League participants from qualifying rounds to the final. Also, €510 million will be reserved for Europa League and Super Cup competitions.

  • €30 million will be distributed among the teams who played in Champions League playoffs but failed to qualify for group stages.
  • €488 million awarded equally to all 32 participating teams in the group stage.
  • Teams will be awarded €2.7 million per win in the group stage and €900,000 per draw. €2 million to group winners and €1 million to group runners up.
  • Round of 16 teams get €9.5 million per club, €10.5 million per club for quarter-finalists.
  • €12 million per club for semi-finalists and
  • €15 million per club for finalists.
  • Eventual winners take home another €4 million.

Champions League finalists

Tottenham is playing Liverpool in the final of 2019 Champions League, and both English clubs will reportedly earn around €70 million each from performance related pot. Also, the two clubs will get a hefty amount from Co-efficient ranking and the Market Pool Pots.

Liverpool will receive slightly more prize money than Tottenham at this stage due to their superior group stage record, while they also earn more from the UEFA coefficient distribution.

As a result, as things stand Liverpool are set to earn €107.2 million from their participation in this season’s Champions League, while Spurs will net €101.6m, although an extra €4 million will go to the winner of the final. This is a big increase on the €78.2 million Liverpool earned after being beaten by Real Madrid in last season’s final.

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Europa League Finalists

Both Arsenal (Gunners) and Chelsea (the Blues) will net significantly lower sums for reaching the Europa League final. The two London clubs will lock horns on Wednesday. Note that this will be Arsenal‘s most important game in more than a decade. Arsenal‘s last two most important games of the last decade and change came in 2006 and 2014.

The distribution from the UEFA coefficient is also much lower, standing at 15% in the Europa League as opposed to the 30% in the Champions League. The Gunners reportedly earned €38 million by being knocked out at the semi-final stage by Atletico Madrid last season, whereas as things stand the club will earn €36 million by reaching the final this term.


As it stands, either of Europa League winner (Chelsea & Arsenal) would earn around €20 million from fixed amount portion and another €20 to €25 million in the market pool. This takes potential earnings from Europa League winner between €40 million to €45 million.


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