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Airlines in Nigeria recorded total delayed domestic flights of 7,926 out of 14,735 flights for the period between January and March 2019. This represents about 53.7% of all flights were delayed in the first quarter of the year alone.

The implication: Nigeria’s local aviation sector is one of the most unreliable in emerging markets. Flight delays are frequent occurrences and Nigerians have become accustomed to it. Reasons range from technical problems with the aircraft to scheduling challenges at airport terminals.

Can it improve – Not anytime soon as most of the challenges faced by these airlines still remain. Shortage of aircraft remains a concern for most airlines who don’t have enough to cover more routes. Huge overheads and thin margins mean airlines need to cut the cost to remain afloat and when they do they often cut customer service experience.

King of delayed flights – Airpeace led with 53% delay rate while Arik was 45.8%. Aero recorded a delayed rate of 62% by far the highest. Azman, Dana and Overland did 48%, 64%, 68.7% respectively.

See break down in tweet below



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