Young employees

The Founder and Publisher of Nairametrics, Ugo Obi-Chukwu, took to his Twitter page over the weekend to talk about how younger employees of nowadays are impatient when it comes to promotion and salary increment.

According to him, young generation workers do not understand the need to wait for two years for promotion or raise.

In his brief thread, he asked if this young generation workers (specifically those born after 1989), feel entitled.

He continued by saying that about 25 years ago, it was easier for someone to become an Executive Director of a bank at age 35 even if they joined at age 23. However, such privileges do not exist anymore, he explained.

This is because twenty five years ago, Nigerian banks were mostly startups. Therefore, any young employee who is desirous of rapid career growth should consider working in a Fintech startup.

A hard worker needs a reward 

In response to Mr Obi-Chukwu’s tweets, many of his followers argued that the young generation of workers do not feel entitled. Instead, they simply demanding value for their works.

Another follower added that companies should devise means of measuring competency and performance of workers. That way, no competent/capable employee would have to wait longer than necessary before getting a promotion.

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Employers should be clear on the growth path

Some of Mr Obi-Chukwu’s followers pointed out that employers should always create room for growth in a job, as it will help the individual to understand what they are embarking on.

Others felt that some employers simply do not promote or raise salary, regardless of the effort the employee might be putting into their jobs.

One follower narrated how a friend of his worked so hard and made immeasurable records on his assigned projects. And when the time for promotion came, his friend’s efforts were ignored even as his name was not mentioned.



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