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The Lagos State Water Corporation (LSWC), has said it will increase its water production capacity to 492 million gallons per day by the year 2023.

Current production capacity – Currently, its production capacity is 210 million gallons per day, which is lower than the current demand.

This will aid in closing the demand gap for water – The Managing Director, LSWC, Mr Muminu Badmus, who made this known while speaking at the World Water day celebration organised by the Nigerian Bottling Company, said that this was to help close the water demand gap.

“In recent years, the Lagos Water Corporation has developed a Strategic Business Plan as a ‘Road Map’ to take the Water production capacity of the State to 492 million gallons per day by year 2023 to close water demand gap significantly”.

The Corporation has distributed water meters – Badmus further stated that the corporation had also widened its database to effectively supply water to more people in Lagos, by distributing water meters to properties across the state, such that consumers could pay for the exact amount of water used.

Is the distribution of water meters a good thing?

Deploying of water meters to Nigerians is a good thing as well as a bad thing for explainable reasons explained below.


This means every drop of water counts – Imagine paying for the exact quantity of water you use, this means that every drop of water counts.

Some Nigerians do not know how to effectively use water without wasting it. Now if you have to pay for every drop of water wasted, one would try to manage.

Although this might not be a good idea in some places – The idea of water meter might not be a good idea in some properties or houses. For example public houses where we have several tenants where you have to pay an excessive amount of cash for water you did not use, especially for the working class that only use the water mornings and nights.

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  1. Where does the water supplied to,how many houses get water from water corporation now a days, people now rely on bore hole for daily chores and bottled/pure water for drinking.water corporation needs to explain to the masses, when, how and where the water goes – this is a gospel truth

  2. Its not their fault, we have never asked them to account for the enormous budget allocated to them year in year out. Can we have the data of the people/houses that have been enjoying the 210 million gallons of water as claimed by LSWC and Mr. Muminu Badmus


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