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A Nigerian man identified as Azeez Morufu, has been apprehended in Ibadan for allegedly performing a cardless withdrawal from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

The incident happened on Tuesday at Oba Adebimpe Road, Dugbe, Ibadan, at one of the new generation banks located there.

Getting apprehended 

According to reports, a passer-by raised an alarm after seeing the ATM dispensing a huge amount of money to Azeez without a debit card at the ATM point. According to the witness, she became suspicious when she noticed the young man in dirty clothes withdrawing a huge amount from the ATM.

This isn’t the first for Azzez

After his apprehension, Azeez was said to have confessed that this won’t be his first time he is carrying out such act. He added that he has a code he always inputs on the ATM to dispense without a card. Morufu Azzez has since been handed to the police.


Many Nigerians on Twitter have argued that the man could be innocent. There was no justifiable reason reason for apprehending a man for making a cardless withdrawal, they said. Others even noted that this shows how uneducated the community is.

Cardless Withdrawal 

Cardless withdrawal has been in existence for long in Nigeria. Many Nigerian banks offer these emergency services for people who have seamless transactions and those who might have forgotten or lost their cards.

Cardless withdrawals are powered by MasterCard. It basically works in such a way that consumers can use their banking apps to set up an amount they wish to withdraw, before completing the withdrawal at any enabled ATM.

This digital innovation at the ATM helps increase customers satisfaction and security. And also reduces cash related problems that often exist during a transaction.



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