Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku, recently took to his Twitter page to make it very clear that entrepreneurship is not a glamorous affair.

People who glamourise entrepreneurship need to be sincere by acknowledging that it is not always as pleasant as they make it seem, Mr Njoku said.

According to him, running a business “will abuse you and then consume you if you let it”. And even when you win eventually, “PTSD awaits”, he said.

Mr Njoku, who apparently had a bad day yesterday, said he would rather spend his time holding his wife and children than being an entrepreneur. According to him, “there is no happiness there.”

Nothing good ever comes easy

There is no doubt that running a business is quite nerve-wracking thing. No business owner can actually say they had it all rosy when they started their businesses. Even the most successful of businessmen in the world had it rough in the beginning.


People’s reactions

Some of Jason’s followers also have opined that the struggle doesn’t just come with entrepreneurs alone but even with a regular 9-5 job, as every endeavour comes with its own baggage.

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Others actually agreed that running a business is hard everywhere and hardest in Nigeria. This is because there are many odds one has to scale through. And for people that have family members depending on them, it is can be more difficult.

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But some people disagreed. One follower argued that glamourising their job helps entrepreneurs to get opportunities.

Another follower pointed out that many people wrongly perceive entrepreneurship as an escape plan from their 9-5 jobs. They think it is the right thing to do in order to have their time to themselves, not knowing it is a different ball game altogether.


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