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Nigeria has a growing number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who are competing daily to serve the needs of both corporates and private individuals desirous of steady internet connectivity in their homes and offices.

But despite the wide array of service providers that abound, Nigerians are often left undecided as to which ones to choose from. The reason is simple – services offered by the ISPs are basically average.

In the meantime, however, the quest for the best Internet Service Provider is on. Yesterday, the Founder and Publisher of Nairametrics, Mr Ugo Obi-Chukwu, asked his followers on Twitter to reconmmend the best fiber broadband internet provider for a location in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. As expected, he received lots of responses.

A lot of names were suggested, some of which are popular, and others not so much. These include the likes of-

  • Tizeti
  • Cobranet
  • Cyspace Nigeria
  • IPNX Fiber
  • Baclbone Connectivity Network
  • Vodacome
  • Brainshare Technology
  • Fiber One
  • e-Stream Networks, etc.

Tizeti received quite the bashing 

Nigerians used the opportunity to express their displeasure over the unpleasant services they have so far been subjected to by some of the ISPs. Mr Chukwu was specifically warned to stay away from Tizeti, because not only is their service bad, so also is their customer service.

People also expressed displeasure over Swift, telling Mr Chukwu and everyone else to stay away from it. Complaints ranged from poor service delivery, to the high subscription cost.

Some ISPs, however, did receive positive comments. One of them is Backbone Connectivity Network. The person that recommended them said the service provider is “very good”. He even called on his friend to vouch for the company.

Meanwhile, some companies came on the thread to observe, with one of them even taking the opportunity to market their service.

Someone even vouched for them, stating that the company has been in the game for more than twenty years.

But despite all the recommendations, the search is still on for the best fiber to home internet provider. And until that ISP is found, some people are patient to wait.



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