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Valentine’s day, a day when many people exchange romantic gifts with their lovers is fast approaching. And while the lovers are feeling special and loved for being recipients of such gifts, others would be making money from producing and or selling them.

In this season of love, there are businesses that will thrive, if one taps into the desires of the lovers and fulfil them. Here are some business ideas that would fit:

Spa Night Date idea

Organising a spa night on Valentine’s Day is a creative idea with money-making potential because it offers an opportunity for couples to spend the night relaxing and pampering each other after a long work day. This package could include a foot and or body massage.

Also, an astute business owner could provide deals during this period which would extend to the weekend, so that the love…and money making would last longer.

Gift Baskets

You can go into the business of packaging items and delivering wonderful, romantic gift baskets to couples. Your gift basket could contain items like red wine, chocolates, cookies, teddy bears, perfumes, etc. All you need do is look for places where you can purchase these individual items at good prices and sell the full package at decent prices.

Besides making generic ones, you could offer your services to individuals, get a feel of what their loved ones like, and put together custom-made gift baskets that would wow them. That’s how repeat customers are made. And who knows, you could be given contracts to purchase gift items on birthdays, anniversaries, and events of celebrations if they are suitably impressed.

Musical Performance

Val’s day is an opportunity for anyone who isn’t a professional musician but has a flair for music to test his or her talent by performing at places where couples will be. A lot of restaurants, clubs and bars usually offer opportunities for individuals who are talented. Money can be made by volunteering to perform.

Jewellery Business

Standard chartered

Jewellery, especially expensive ones, are seen status symbols, depicting elegance and class.  You can venture into buying and selling necklaces, bracelets, and rings of varying prices to suit the pockets of your market.

Standard chartered

Also, if you are talented in bead making, you could craft unique pieces for specific customers to make their loved ones feel extra special.

Graphics Designing

If you are good with creating graphics you could take this business idea up for this Val’s Day. Graphic designing requires very little investment but more time and talent. All you need to do is find clients who have a great need for designs which they hope to present to lovers as gifts. If you are also gifted with words, you could include writings that resonate with lovers to make your work outstanding.


Pastry making

Valentine’s day is a day to provide sweets for the sweethearts. Chocolates, wines, cakes, cookies, etc. So, if you are good at making delicious treats, and know how to present them in attractive packages, you should be making profits on Valentine’s day.

In fact, social media is already full of pastry makers peddling their wares to prospective Val’s day customers.


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