Barely twenty-four hours to the planned visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigeria’s commercial capital — Lagos, there has been an almost automatic and unexpected removal of all the tankers and other heavy-duty trucks that typically constituted hazards on major roads in the city-state.

Nairametrics observed earlier today that virtually all the trailers and tankers that were parked perpetually along Ikorodu Road, Oshodi Apapa Expressway, Eko Bridge and other major roads along that axis have finally disappeared.

The fascinating thing about this development is the automatic and almost mysterious nature of the vehicle’s disappearance.

For many years, those heavy-duty vehicles caused untold hardship to commuters plying those Lagos roads. Traffic congestions created by their presence also affected economic activities, with business owners losing billions.

There have been many incidents about export/import materials perishing on those roads as a result of serious gridlocks caused by those trailers and tankers. Some people have even lost their lives on those roads as a result of those vehicles.

As expected, there have been many agitations for those trailers to be cleared off the roads and bridges. But unfortunately, it always seemed like an impossible task.

And now, because President Muhammadu Buhari is visiting Lagos tomorrow for one of his campaigns, the trailers finally get cleared.

Well as always, Nigerians have a lot to say about this development

Popular Lagos On-Air Personality, Babatunde Koiki, implied in a Twitter post that the Lagos State Government have always had the capacity to rid those roads of the trailers/tankers. But it chose not to do that because the vehicle owners supposedly pay a parking fee of N20, 000 every day.

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If this is true by any means, what it means is that the powers that be would rather jeopardise people’s lives and the economy instead of fixing a major problem.

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Some observers were courageous enough to call out the hypocrisy of the entire development.

Meanwhile, some people cannot still come to terms with the fact that Ikorodu Road can actually be tanker-free.

But wait… is this the end of the tanker problem or would they be coming back after President Buhari’s visit? Some people think so.

In any case, it disappointing to know that our leaders actually know the solution to our problems but choose not to proffer them. This is the very problem that has prevented the country from developing into its fullest potential.


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