The Board and Management of DAAR Communications Plc has approved the appointment of Nornah Awoh as an Independent Director of the company. This resolution was made at the company’s meeting held on June 21, 2018.

In a notification to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), the company disclosed that Awoh’s appointment took effect from August 1, 2018.

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What you should know about Normah Awoh

The newly-appointed Director is the founder and Chief Equity Analyst/CEO of Palesa Capital Markets Associates, a research firm with competency in securities and equity market. With over three decades experience in business journalism, as an erstwhile Correspondent/Head of Capital Market & Investment at now-defunct Business Concord and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Awoh possesses a sound grasp of the rudiments of media, but more pointedly the business fundamentals around the communication industry.

Prior to his appointment, Awoh sits as a Non-Executive director of Three Points Industries Ltd, and a member of both the Investigative Panel and Par Value Committee of The Exchange. Additionally, Awoh who is enthusiastic about human capital development also serves as a member of the MRS Oil Scholarship Scheme.

In addition to his various positions and roles, Awoh remains the anchor of a 12-year-old television programme, Stocks & Shares which airs on local and international TV networks.

Awoh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Ilorin; a devoted family man, fiercely competitive table tennis player and an active contributor to the global business community.

About DAAR

DAAR Communications Plc is an independent privately owned broadcasting organization in Nigeria. It was established on August 31, 1998, by Raymond Dokpesi and on April 23, 2007, it was converted into a public liability company.

DAAR Communications Plc provides printing, publishing, broadcasting, telecommunications and allied multimedia services across the world. The Company has broadband Internet services with capacity for voice, Internet access, video conferencing, data, telephony, and other multi-media capabilities.

The company pioneered Africa Independent Television (AIT), Ray power 100.5 FM Abuja, Raypower 100.5 FM among other broadcasting stations across the country.

DAAR Communications Plc traded ₦0.40 on the floor of the NSE as of December 31, 2018.


  1. I think,we’re missing something here DAAR COMMUNICATION,dami you should tear this company apart /is this company dribbling us,we have a company trading below his share price,at 40 kobo,trading at buhari’s speed,with a potential strength of capturing about 10 % to 15 % to about 20 % of our national media coverage and revenue.
    why this company is not pulling it’s weight,the problem could be the board and the management,YOU HAVE NOT TOLD US,WHO IS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD AND OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BOARD,THE REMAINING BOARD MEMBER,NOW YOU HAVE TOLD US,WE DO HAVE A NEW INDEPENDENT MEMBER OF THIS BOARD,do this new board member have some new power,to see if this new board will pushes the management to take the company to another level.
    The present govt have licenced 2 new national television,so if DAAR does not perform very soon,they will fold very soon,we do have a new block in the street,,john momoh channel television.i.e there will be competition for television nationwide competition

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