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Business Half Hour is a podcast show targeted at Startups and Entrepreneurs. On the show, we feature some of the most exciting small businesses changing the business landscape in Nigeria

On this thrilling episode, Ugodre hosted Joseph Edgar, co-founder of Hamilton and George.

Joseph Edgar is a graduate of University of Ife. Joseph has garnered over 20 years in sales and investment. He is an associate member of Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Nigeria; and went through senior management programme at Pan-African University, Lagos.

Hamilton and George is a full-scale Investment Advisory and Proprietary investment franchise with a keen interest in the Finance, Real Estate, Power and Entertainment sectors.

An investment banker by day, Joseph also doubles as an excellent artist. He is a widely read columnist with his Loud whispers column in the ThisDay newspaper. Edgar has published two books – “Loudwhispers” and “Loudwhispers – Just because“.



  1. This session was so insightful that I didn’t notice the traffic on the 3rd Mainland bridge as much as i ordinarily would. Thanks Ugodre for bringing such minds on air. Young Nigerians need to listen and learn from such experiences


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