We sat down and had a conversation with  Fejiro Hanu Agbodje the founder of Patricia Technologies, a company known for its swift service delivery and fast-paced growth.
Patricia largely came to our radar when they signed Yung6ix a Nigerian Hip-hop star as their Brand Ambassador, this, Mr Hanu said was more than necessary as the brand has come of age and Yung6ix has been nothing but a family to Patricia.
In August, the company celebrated its one year anniversary and it is evident that what Patricia has done is not an easy feat; with the challenges that exist in doing business in Nigeria.
The major challenge is Trust, getting Nigerians to do business online; you have to give them assurance, under promise and over deliver. It is one of the reasons we introduced instant payment for customers that come to trade their gift cards and Bitcoins with us
Patricia is built around a vibrant and young team made up of large millennials all handling top positions on a day to day basis and delivering without errors. Split across departments; Patricia has Patricia Gifts and Rooom19 as it’s subsidiaries.
“I believe I have the best team in the whole world; these people come in here everyday and birth innovative ideas. Asides operational challenges ranging from electricity, internet, and the inevitable human factor, there’s absolutely nothing that stops us from getting the job done regardless” Mr Hanu added.
With the structures and strategies in place, you can say that Patricia is clearly heading for world domination,  the team spirit and the zeal of their team is contagious. They have a clear vision and they’ll stop at nothing. This is one of the reason it is easy for them to get top brand influencers to endorse them.
They’ve had in their books the likes of Nedu, Lasisi, Charles Okocha, Yung6ix, Craze Clown, Mr. Jollof and so many more. “In 5 years time, We’ll be world leaders, there is no market we cannot penetrate, our rival is the internet itself, our goal is to make the world a safe place, especially when doing business with us, so we have to cut across all arms of businesses online… Simply put world domination”, Hanu said with a smile.
This is a brand with high prospects and we are looking out for it.


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