Tier 2 lender, Diamond bank, as part of its consolidation strategy, unveiled a new loyalty program called the Diamond Gem Loyalty program. The aim of the loyalty program is to reward customers’ patronage.

In a question and respondent session between members of Diamond bank executives comprising Karimot Tukur, Head, Consumer Banking; Linus Iwuajoku, Head, Enterprise Intelligence and Strategy Division; Michelle Nwoga, Head, Customer Experience and Engagement Centre; Sam Aneke, Head, Transaction and Electronic Banking, and the general public, the bank declared that it hopes to garner information on the latest product of the bank and its other experiences.

About Diamond Gem Zone loyalty program 

Gem Zone Loyalty program, an initiative of Diamond Bank is a self-service mobile app supported on Android and iOS devices launched to exposed customers to fantastic experience through the accumulation of gem score points.

Linus Iwuajoku, Head, Enterprise Intelligence and Strategy Division while speaking at the event described Diamond Gem Zone as a platform for rewarding customers through redeemable gem points which are scored based on banking transactions. He said “as customers carry out their normal day to day transaction, Gem loyalty program is the bank’s way of saying thank you for support and loyalty it receives”

These transactions include cash deposit, fund transfer either via USSD, Mobile app, and other electronic means, withdrawal, airtime and ticket purchase; done on any of Diamond Bank’s platform will read score point on whoever enabled the transaction.

Customers by carrying out everyday banking transaction accrues gem point which in turn can be exchanged for payment of goods and services. On the scheme, a simple ATM withdrawal will earn you a score point.

Sampson Aneke, Head, Transaction and Electronic Banking, explained the usage of Gem Zone app. While taking everyone through the operationality of the app, he described its usage as seamless and an improvement on the pilot version which only enlisted credit card users. The new scheme is open to all and sundry. Diamond Gem zone opens customer to an avalanche of experiences payable with gem points and is only a few clicks away on gemzone.diamondbank.com

Diamond Bank debut Diamond Gem Zone in a bid to repay customers' loyalty
Prakash Keswani, Managing Director, Park ‘n’Shop and Tokunbo Adetona of Naira Box.

Customers who want to unbox their gem chest will be issued a certificate which is valid for the next 5 days after which expiration kicks in.

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The platform is built to match the millennial’s growing attraction to such things as entertainment, travels and shopping experience. “The more you transact, the more point you accrue hence the more item you can redeem on the site.” – Michelle Nwoga

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Gem points can be accumulated for at most 2 years.

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Success rate of the Diamond Gem Zone

Diamond Gem zone is that Christmas miracle everyone longs for but this time it is coming from your local banker. A lifelong relationship with Diamond Bank can one day wake up to a phone call from your account manager, informing you of accrued bundles of gem points that can be turned into the purchase of any item sold in the open market. Such is the story of beneficiaries of the scheme.

Diamond Bank debut Diamond Gem Zone in a bid to repay customers' loyalty
Tokunbo Adetona , Representative , Naira Box; Prakash Keswani, Managing Director, Par ‘n’Shop; Sam Aneke, Head, Transaction and Electronic Banking; Karimot Tukur, Head, Consumer Banking, all of Diamond Bank Plc; and Emmanuel Nwibe, GEMZONE beneficiary during a press briefing on GEMZONE- a Diamond Bank loyalty Reward Program held in Lagos recently.

Partners of Diamond Gem Zone loyalty program

Diamond Bank on the launch of its new product has onboard the partnership of SPAR, an Hollandian consumable retail chain, operating in Nigeria, and Nairabox, a tech-enabled payment platform. Jay Chikezie one of the co-founders of Nairabox described the partnership as amazing and convenient for users. He commented about how the scheme now enables movie ticket payment and food ordering; plans to incorporate event ticketing is underway.

Diamond Bank debut Diamond Gem Zone in a bid to repay customers' loyalty
Jay Chikezie, Representative, Naira Box, Michelle Nwoga, Head, Customer Experience and Engagement Center, Diamond Bank Plc; Sebastine Okeke; Omolara Lawanson , beneficiaries of GEMZONE and Linus Iwuajoku, Head, Enterprise Intelligence and Strategy during a press briefing on GEMZONE – a Diamond Bank Loyalty Reward Program held in Lagos recently.

When asked about the territorial coverage of the scheme, Iwuajoku was quick to point out that the scheme is majorly exposed to Nigerian Diamond bankers and merchants, however, a change in residence will not necessarily affect existing customer gem score.

He also aired how Diamond bank mobile app in 2017 was used in 216 countries of the world.


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