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Dangote Flour Mills Plc disclosed on Thursday, that it has introduced a kind of multipurpose flour brand into the Nigerian market.

In a circulated press statement which was verified by Nairametrics, the company said that hundreds of bakers, distributors/dealers and retailers were invited to the product launch in Kano; all of whom adjudged it the “finest and best-performing flour.”

Note that besides the versatility of the new flour brand which is known simply as ‘All Purpose Flour’, it is also said to be more affordable than the various flour brands that currently exist in the market. This will enable bakers to maximise profit on every bag of flour purchased.

Meanwhile, Dangote Flour Mills’ Executive Director (Commercial), Ms Halima Aliko Dangote, gave insight into the new flour brand and its multipurpose nature. In her words:

“The APF is made with high-quality wheat and designed to work for all your baked, fried or cooked flour products: Be it bread, gurasa, meat pie, egg rolls, puff-puff, chinchin and a range of others.

“Some of you who attended this morning’s baking test have already testified about its performance. Some of the products that were baked this morning are here for you to see. It is now time to experience it yourselves. As the name implies, it can be used for bread, pastries – cakes, meat pies… and even fried snacks like puff-puff, samosa, spring rolls etc. It is very versatile.”

The new product is part of Dangote Flour’s fight for market relevance

Dangote Flour Mills Plc is optimistic that the newly-introduced APF flour brand will cause competition to swing in its favour by shoring up market share. This is important, especially considering the tight competition in Nigeria’s flour business where the likes of Honeywell Plc and Flour Mills Plc are major players.

Dangote Flour Mills Plc is a subsidiary of the Dangote Group which is primarily owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote. Its shares are currently trading at N7.85 on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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  1. Just wondering if there’s a type of flour that cannot be used for all purposes.
    Dangote Flour is definitely not the strongest of the Dangote group, as the company’s YoY performance as well as the Nairametrics poll on their pasta brand perception seem to indicate.


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