In the last couple of years, the popularity of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies has increased considerably, given the large trading volume, capital invested, public interest, and of course supply and demand laws.

Cryptocurrency die-hards, however, face a dilemma; understandably, true believers never want to cash out, but what’s the benefit of amassing all these wealth on the blockchain if you can’t actually put it to use in the real world? – You may ask yourself. So chances are that you are at one point or the other, considering the idea of either purchasing goods or withdrawing some of the coins that you might have in exchange for some more liquid forms. This is often where new users run into trouble, as Crypto traders are often unsure as to go about this as there are not many companies that have set themselves as a global bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency liquidity.

Transferring bitcoin into your bank account in Nigeria, however, remains a problem for so many people. A successful transfer of bitcoin from your blockchain wallet directly into your bank account in Nigeria can only be done through an exchanger like instant gold, naira4dollar etc., unfortunately, due to slow processing time, daily limits, relatively high fees, and poor exchange rate, these platforms have not been exactly encouraging.

B4uGlobal is the current solution for those who want to transfer their bitcoins directly into their bank accounts in a seamless and effective way. This web-based platform bitload4u accessed through, is built to leverage on global reach, speed and cheaper transactional fees of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Asides Bitcoin Purchase, the platform receives bitcoin and converts it to a user’s traditional currency of choice e.g. Naira, USD, EURO etc within minutes and direct same as Transfer or payments into most IBAN bank accounts within the swift network globally, MASTERCARD, VISA or Chinese Union pay debit or credit cards as direct card transfer.

The reality is that there are few merchant locations, or ATM’s available that accept bitcoin as tender, and usually not available when you need cash. For Bitcoin to reach mainstream acceptance, you need liquidity. That is what B4U provides – global liquidity for Bitcoin owners to access most network-branded cards and bank accounts. By combining their unique global Bitcoin processing platform, and payment card processing platform, you will be able to add value to use your card wherever it is accepted, or deposit to a bank account that you own.

Wider pay-out options

Using the B4U Global platform and virtual wallet, you can pay any personal bank or card, and even create and transfer funds to a prepaid card.

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Currently B4U Global offers the following Pay-Out options for Bitcoin:

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  1. MasterCard or Visa, Credit or Debits Cards.
  2. Visa-branded prepaid card for residents of the Euro-Zone.
  3. All IBAN financial institutions who are members of the SWIFT network.
  4. Automated clearing house (ACH) in the United States.
  5. Returning funds to an existing bitcoin wallet.

B4uGlobal is the future for simplifying and bringing down transaction costs. It is going to make the ledger side of international trade super simple and also bring down costs when it comes to issues relating to trust where two parties don’t know each other.

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Very Secure

The B4uGlobal platform is equipped with robust KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundering) checks and can detect bitcoin from suspect, blacklisted or compromised blockchain wallet addresses by making use of advanced embedded Artificial intelligence.  KYC is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients and assessing the potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship.

This contribution is a very significant one as it will help to check and fight money laundering, terrorist financing and other threats to governance and security.

The Time advantage

From the time you transfer your Bitcoin in, funds being available to spend from your card is a 2-3 business day process. The credit and debit card companies and financial institutions control the timeline to complete and properly process your deposit.

The cost advantage

The fee is based on the value of Bitcoins sent for them to process and deposit – easy and simple as that. The value of the bitcoin is provided as well as the commission, and nothing is done until you click the “submit button”. Since the player pays most of the fees, the actual cost to the business is near zero. Low cost, combined with zero chargebacks and almost real-time authentication of the QR make B4U the perfect payments provider.

Seamless registration

Individuals and Businesses can get started with Bitcoin purchases and payments by signing up with them at, downloading the app on Google play store or via the Apple store, complete their KYC or KYB documentations and account is approved. Easy!

Provision for the future

In addition to our present offering, Bitload4u will Be launching its Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine Software’s in the United States in October 2018, while its Point Of sale Terminal merchant solution will follow as we already offer the accept bitcoin and pay bitcoin merchant solutions for malls, churches and businesses globally.

B4U payments expertise will be to contribute to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being universally accepted as a viable payment option for many individuals and corporate organizations. One thing is certain, B4U Global will be on the forefront of these virtual currencies, and provide enhanced utility and acceptance around the world – Making crypto trading even more fun and seamless activity to engage in.

Businesses who are interested in our Bitcoin pay–in and pay-out solution, Bitcoin remittances, Automated teller machine solution(ATM), Bitcoin point of sale (POS) merchant solutions, can, download the bitload4u app on google play store, istore, visit our API site…  better still send us an email or Whatsap or call+2347069503321



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