Innoson has today admitted that there was no Supreme Court Judgement Against GTBank. After falsely claiming a victory at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Chairman of Innoson Motors, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma has admitted to completely distorting the directive of the Supreme Court and publicly apologised for spreading fake and malicious news. Innoson had earlier deleted his declaration on social media that the apex court has ordered GTBank to pay him N14bn within 14 days.

This was followed by a statement by his spokesman Cornelius Osigwe in which Innoson walked back from his false declaration stating instead that “There have been a lot of misinterpretations on the Press Release published by Innoson Group on the decision of the Supreme Court”. This retraction, judicial analysts believe, was advised by Innoson’s lawyers who fear that contempt of court charges on defaming the Supreme Court may be brought against the embattled businessman.

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Last week Thursday, Innoson caused a social and online media storm by claiming that the Supreme Court had ruled in his favour for GTBank to pay him N14bn. However, records of the court proceedings showed no such ruling. Instead, what the Supreme Court had directed was for both parties, Innoson and GTBank, to return to the Court of Appeal, Enugu Judicial Division, for a hearing on GTBank’s appeal scheduled for the 14th of June 2018.

However, Nigerians on social media did not miss this. “I cannot believe this, how can someone have total disregard for the highest court in the land and go on a rampage spreading fake news. This Innoson and his team of lawyers and advisers have no shred of credibility” wrote one Twitter user.

What he’s done is punishable by law, and I’m sure the Supreme Court won’t take it lightly,” another Twitter user said.

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  1. With regards to international best practice of investing/business of which i supposed GTBank plc is in to, how can GTBank be fighting with your client, ur upcoming big investor customer for that matter? I’m not getting that De Innoson defrauded you, but i’ts a matter related to accounting balance with you, of which is your primary duty. Why did you resulted on head-log and Financial battle and national securities e.g EFCC and implication against your big client? GTBank should know that the wealth in that bank belong to the public and investors and government hence work for ultimate gain enhancement to the owners, and not for show of power. It should have been a matter of board-room or round- table resolving for greater business tomorrow. You don’t Bring-down Your Client, Rather You Help Him-Up.

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