Apple has begun the sale of MekaMon robots made by Reach Robotics. Reach was co-founded by a British-Nigerian Silas Adekunle.  The robots cost $299.95, and went on sale last month in the United States and United Kingdom. It also retails for £299.95 / €329.95.

MekaMon Robots

The robots weigh a little over 2 pounds and can be made to battle with each other, with gamers using an iPhone or an Android Phone. The robots are powered by a rechargeable battery, that lasts for about an hour. The robots also work with AR headsets and is quite addictive.

The robots were initially demoed by MekaMom at an event for Apple and they simply “loved it”. After an initial production of about 500 pieces was sold out, the company raised about $7.5 million in funding to develop consumer friendly versions.

Apple will be selling the robots on its online store on physical retail stores across the US, giving the company access to one of the most coveted gadget distribution shop in the world.

This video shows how it works;

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About Silas Adekunle

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Silas Adekunle graduated from the University of West England in 2014 with a 1st class honours in Robotics. Prior to that, he worked in the research department of  Infineon technologies from August 2012-February 2013. Thereafter, he interned in GE Aviation from February 2013-July 2013. He co-founded Reach Robotics in January 2012.

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Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. Jobs was however left as the sole founder when Wayne and Wozniak sold their stakes. Apple is the world’s largest information technology company by revenue with 2017 revenues of over $200 billion. The company is also the second largest phone manufacturing company in the world, after Samsung.

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