Home Business News Coup in Zimbabwe, 93 years old Mugabe under house arrest

Coup in Zimbabwe, 93 years old Mugabe under house arrest


Early Wednesday was heralded by explosions in Zimbabwean capital Harare as soldiers and several armored cars were seen in the city depicting a split between the military and the president, President Robert Mugabe.

Constantine Chinwenga the armed forces commander however claims that the city was safe as the military had not taken over. He also claimed that President Mugabe and his family are safe. Explaining the presence of the soldiers and the armored vehicles, Constantine said that they were targeting the criminals around them and assured that the situation will be back to normal in no time.

The soldiers have reportedly taken over the state owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp. The reports of the explosions were said to have come in after the ruling party called Constantine’s criticism of Mugabe’s administration ‘treasonable’ and threatened to incite insurrection in the southern African nation. Constantine had on Monday said that the military would not permit ‘hijacking of the revolution’. This was a week after his ally the Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, was fired by Mugabe.

The removal of Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s first national security minister, from office has stirred a shift in politics in Zimbabwe. Mugabe seems to be breaking all ties with most of his allies who fought in the liberation war against the white minority regime of Rhodesia. Mnangagwa was among those who helped Mugabe emerge as the nation’s leader after the nation’s independence back in 1980. This break could not have come at a worse time as the tension is high pending 2018 elections when there may be a seven-party opposition.

Following the economy that has been on a decline since year 2000 and the cash shortages, Zimbabwe is headed for even darker times in terms of economy following this unrest as reports claim that the Zimbabwe finance minister, Ignatius Chombo, has been detained by the army.



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