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The best step towards remarkable success in business is setting goals. The major problem people face is the challenge of setting unrealistic and illogical goals. People tend to over-stretch their capabilities. While it’s positively challenging to plan outside your limits, stretching your abilities farther than necessary could prove to be counterproductive.

This is why it is necessary to go plan smart, achievable, yet challenging goals. The following tips should help.

  1. Specification; clearly state what it is you want to accomplish without mincing words. It could be one or more goals. Or one big goal with many resultant mini-goals.
  2. Realism; consider how realistic achieving these goals are. Is it obtainable? Do you have all the right resources to attain your goals?
  3. Relevance; what is the relevance of your set goal to your current business? Does what you are trying to accomplish line up with your business objectives/mission.
  4. Classification; try to break the goal or goals down into small achievable units. You could classify these units as phases.
  5. Duration; it all comes down to the conceivable time of accomplishment. That’s why it’s best to share into phases; how long will phase one take? And so on.
  6. Strategy and implementation; what steps should you take towards achieving this goals? Do you have a set out strategy already? How viable is this strategy? What are your plans towards the implementation of this strategy?
  7. Support; whether physically or financially, you’d need aid and support to successfully achieve your goals. Have you thought about what support you need? Who will help you and how can they help you?
  8. Deadline; what’s the deadline for achieving this goal? Having a deadline propels you to work harder and faster. It provides you with the right motivating challenge.
  9. Possible roadblocks; what do you perceive as possible roadblocks to achieving these goals? What are the foreseeable challenges that may crop up in the course of achieving your goals?
  10. Plan b; nothing is set in stone. This means that there is a probable chance that your initial strategy might fail? What do you do if that’s the case? What’s your fall back plan?

You already have set goals but you didn’t think this far ahead, you should re-visit those goals. The above ten tips will not only help you plan and strategize your business goals but will help accomplish them.

Chacha Wabara-Ogbobine is a Legal practitioner with over 9years post call experience. A research Consultant, professional writer and a blogger at heart,owner of four thriving websites with well over 10years of experience. Totally in love with keeping fit and coaching weight loss enthusiasts. I love my quiet time, being with my kids, watching TV series for hours on end.


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