Up for a presentation?  Here are fashion tips that will boost your confidence

In today’s world, appearance is everything. The eye is always the first consumer and that is why we need to consciously appeal to sight with regards our wardrobe choices. During a presentation, you need people to focus on you not on your clothes, shoes or jewelry. You also need to exude confidence. The right fashion tips will do that for you.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that could make your presentation stronger and better.

  1. CHOOSE SMART COLORS; colors say a lot about a person’s confidence. People quickly choose dark colors to avoid colors that could be too distracting. While it is good to avoid blinding colors, you should avoid colors that are too dark so that you don’t blend into the background. Go for mild colors like white, sky blue, or baby pink.
  2. CLOTHES SHOULD BE WRINKLE FREE; this wouldn’t be a problem if you choose your clothes way before hand. Please note that it is rude to appear for a presentation all wrinkled and flustered.
  3. CODE COMPLIANT; most companies have a dress code for members of their staff. If such rules apply in your office, please ensure that the clothes you choose to wear comply with the company’s dress code.
  4. GO FOR CLOTHES THAT FIT; wearing clothes that are either too big or to small leads to adjusting your cloths in public. Even when you don’t want to, you’ll catch yourself pulling up that saggy trouser or drawing down the hem of that skirt. That could be a major distraction both for you and for the people present.
  5. KEEP YOUR PERFUME OR COLOGNE MILD; out of nervousness, a lot of people tend to ‘bath’ in cologne that when they walk pass you or enter the same room as you, you just start choking. A little deodorant and soft cologne should do.
  6. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SHOE; for the ladies, please avoid wearing sharp colored shoes. Use shoes with neutral colors like black or nude. Both men and women should ensure that their shoes are in good ‘shiny’ order.
  7. KEEP THE ACCESSORIES SIMPLE; when it comes to accessories (jewelry for ladies), less is more. Stick to simple accessories.
  8. WEAR A SMILE; a smile has a way of brightening your whole look. Don’t forget to wear one.

As expected there are tips that are specifically for the ladies.

Here are a few good ones;

  • Avoid clothes with low neckline
  • If you must wear a slightly sheer top, don’t forget to wear a camisole (preferably black)
  • Don’t wear heels that are too high
  • Also avoid uncomfortably painful shoes
  • Don’t wear tops with open armpits or skirts that are too short
  • A simple hair style like ponytail is always a better choice
  • Keep the make-up as minimal as possible
  • Make time before the presentation for pedicure and manicure (nobody wants to see dirty, bitten nails)

This may not have covered all, but I’m certain it has gone a long way. Practice dressing with these tips in mind even before the presentation and have a good friend give you a candid opinion. You’ll find out that you look simple, engaging and not in the slightest bit boring.



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