Treasury Bills

This is an up to date breakdown of treasury bills sales made by the Central Bank of Nigeria since 2017.

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This tracker also shows auction date, tenor, the rate the CBN will be pay, the true yield, maturity date and the amount subscribed.

Treasury Bills are government securities sold by the CBN to the general public in return for interest payments. Treasury Bills have a tenor of 91 days, 182 days and 364 days respectively. It is used to fund government expenditure and also used as a monetary policy tool by the CBN. The Central Bank of Nigeria auctions treasury bills to the public every fortnight.

This tracker is updated every fortnight and dates back to January 2017. Send us an email if you want prior dates and other data.


  1. I recently invested in treasury bills as a way of holding some money for later use. I was told that for a N500000 face value Tbills I will get N67500 at 13.5% for 91days tenor. It looked attractive and I bidded. My debit alert indicated something wrong then I got the certificate and scolded myself for locking in 500k for 3 whole months for paltry 16k. Do you think that my bank defrauded me?

  2. nope you were not defrauded. you got 13.5% which is about 67500 but the rate was then prorated for 1/4 of the year which is what 3 months stand for. that gives u about 16,875. SInce you got 16k perhaps the extra 875 naira may have gone for charges etc

  3. Nnamdi there is certainly nothing wrong with your bank. Since you paid N 500, 000 at an annual rate of 13.5%, which is an interest amount of N67, 500 for one year. But for 91 days which is 3 months, you divide N67, 500 by 4 because one year = 12 months which is = 4 * 3. So, you should get N16, 875 but your N875 was used for the payment of the accompanying bank fees. So, nobody cheated you.

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  4. i am try to evaluate my investment in stock yield in comparison to treasury bills from to 2004 to date i.e treasury bills rate from
    2004 to 20i7 average yearly rate,

  5. Can you worked this out for me, Tbill 364 days 13.5% and 182 days 12.8% of 2,000000. What i belief was that as i asked my bank to go for 182 days and the rate attach to 182 is 12.8% is it not 256, 000 thousand should be the interest to be given to me.? Thanks.
    Kola sk


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