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Perhaps, just like the disappointing strides Nigeria has made since independence day in 1960, TSTv which was  also launched on the same day may be disappointing the lot of Nigerians who hoped and prayed that they will bring an end to expensive bills on cable television in Nigeria.

First of their many and yet to be ascertained problems is the outcry by Nigerians on the tax holiday granted to TSTv. In Nigeria, companies with innovative products are usually classified as pioneer companies and this pioneer status makes the company eligible for a tax holiday incentive. This incentive is to encourage the pioneer companies to shore up their investments in a way to benefit both the company and the economy as a whole.

Nigerians, especially on twitter have disagreed as to the propriety of classifying TSTv as a pioneer company being that they are not bringing in any new technology but just another product that has existed over the years. Looking at products like DSTv, GOTv, CONSAT, HITv, STARTIMES, the argument looks valid as the only innovation TSTv is bringing into the market is merely a much more affordable access to already existing cable television and additional side attractions.

Two peculiar matters which are of grave consequences are the allegations of intellectual property theft which TSTv has been accused of.

TSTv accused of intellectual property theft.

There are currently two purportedly leaked letters with the first being from a company known as Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited Company who claims to be the parent company of CNN and also having the exclusive rights to broadcast the channel in Africa and the second being from Bein Sports who holds the rights to view certain sports channels.

Both companies have alleged that TSTv did not seek permission before proposing to air their channels on the TSTv platform. Should this be true, these allegations would amount to serious breach of intellectual property laws which could cost TSTv a lot in terms of customers who are looking forward to the sports channels and in terms of goodwill, not to talk about the financial implications should a court find TSTv guilty of these allegations.

Most importantly is that these letters purport to also have notified the Nigerian Copyright Commission who are yet to either confirm or deny the allegations. TSTv on the other hand has debunked the contents of the letters as false and baseless.https://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/10/tstv-denies-alleged-piracy/


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