Siemens Power Plant

Siemens Nigeria has introduced a mobile gas turbine into the Nigerian market. The turbine has a maximum capacity of 44 megawatts and can be installed in two weeks. The turbine runs on both gas and other liquid fuels.

The solution called SGT-A45 TR mobile unit is meant to address  the growing market for power generation. The company also states

“Its design features outstanding power density, high fuel efficiency and excellent operational flexibility. This makes it particularly beneficial for customers with urgent power needs or in regions with less developed infrastructure.

“This innovative mobile power generation unit from Siemens provides significantly more electrical output than comparable models currently on the market.”

Why the company introduced the product

Large turbines are run by generating companies that are connected to the National grid. Many  individuals and companies are not connected to the grid. The big turbines which are owned by  Generating Companies (GENCOs)  often run below capacity due to large number of receivables (debts) owed them by distribution companies (DISCOS).

What does this mean ?

A mobile turbine means the company would be able to reach customers that are located in remote parts of the company, such as industries, enabling them to generate their own power.  Constant power means businesses will be more productive, as power disruptions lead to downtime in production, while other costs such as salaries and wages are running. Siemens also makes more revenue from the sales and service of the new product.

The ability of the turbine to run on both gas and liquid fuels, enables smooth operations in the event of a disruption in gas supply. Gas supplies are often disrupted due to militant attacks on pipelines. The companies could decide to power the turbine with liquid fuels, if gas prices spike. Liquid fuels include, diesel, kerosene, petrol, and hydrogen.

Siemens Nigeria has been active in Nigeria since the 1950s, but opened a representative office in the country in 1970. The company has built 5 major power plants, and supplied over 100 small turbine plants in the country. Siemens Nigeria was in 2007 indicted by the UK for allegedly bribing ministers over a telecommunications contract.

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