Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has officially launched its new mobile application, GTWorld. This application is primarily targeted at making banking transactions easier for customers of the bank who use smartphones. Given the increase in smartphone penetration in Nigeria, the bank’s new introduction will be welcome by many of its customers. To make using the application even more appealing, the bank has introduced certain features on the app. These are 2 of the most exciting features according to the bank.

  1. Introducing bio-metric security: In a country where the latest smartphones with bio-metric properties like fingerprint and iris scanning are becoming the trend, Nigerians have often been disappointed that their use has been restricted to unlocking as many local apps cannot use these methods for security. GTWorld changes that by introducing bio-metric security which recognizes a customer and then adapts to how and when they bank. With this bio-metric feature, customers can carry out certain transactions without signing in, using their fingerprint or facial recognition for authentication.
  2. More options: With the app featuring additional options such as the ability to switch to GAPS Lite, the app will definitely appeal to small business owners who value their time but at the same time need the assurance of security. GAPS Lite is an online banking platform for small businesses which offers a flexible and secure channel to make payments and collections anywhere in the world.

These 2 highlighted features are believed to be the most exciting as they represent what is essentially different from what most of the other banking apps already have. In addition, they appeal to a rapidly growing section of the country’s population, which may play a key role in making the app popular. W security, efficiency and convenience catered to, it is very likely the app becomes a must-have for GTB clients.

Users of mobile banking apps however point to the fact that other banking apps offer similar features. However, users of GT World insist theirs is different and that the user inter-phase and experience makes their app about the best out there.

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