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  • The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has served a 30-day revocation notice on 27 power generation licence holders.
  • The move by the NERC is aimed at sanitisiting the electricity market with a view to clearly identify active licences and reversing the status quo whereby they are held by various power companies.
  • The licencees, which include Azura Power Ltd, Geometrics Power Ltd, and the Bauchi State-owned Yankari Power Co. Ltd, have 30 days to provide justification why their licences should not be withdrawn.
  • The commission in the notice revealed that it would immediately start the process of the cancellation of these licences in line with Clause 17 of the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act which listed five conditions for the cancellation of licences.

    The statement informed that “13 other power generation firms in Category 3 are not in operation but have substantially satisfied their milestones. These are Ethiope Energy; Supertek Nigeria; Mabon Energy; Bresson AS; Hudson Power; Knox J & L; Tower Power, Abeokuta; Zuma Energy Nigeria transferred to Itobe Coal 1, 2, 3 and 4 firms. Others in this category are MBH Power, Delta Electric Power, Wedotebary Nigeria, Century Power Generation and Supertek Electric.”

  • Those in this category would be required to satisfy their outstanding milestones and start construction within the next 12 months. If they failed, the commission would commence the process for the withdrawal of their licences in line with Clause 18 of the NERC application for licences.
  • Source: Leadership


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