I saw this article in the AM Business Section (Which I bi weekly contribute to as well) written by jennifer Abraham, about the investment potential of Neem (widely known as Dogonyaro in Nigeria. From having the potential to cure HIV, to being used for soap production, used as pesticide, fertilisers, treatment of pimples, scalp diseases etc. And huess what, we have it in abundance in Nigeria.

Srinkath Varanassi, an Indian working in Nigeria says: “The percentage of the active ingredient in the Neem in Nigeria is two to three times that of India but Nigerians do not want to take advantage of this natural resource. They prefer areas that give quick returns.

Millions of dollars are wasted annually on importation of fertilisers and pesticides whereas small scale Neem-based biopesticide plants can be established in the country to reduce cost of fertilizers and pesticides.

According to a research report by Dr. Danazumi Ibrahim in 2004, Neem tree has tremendous investment potentials waiting to be tapped; judging from its wide applications.

The private sector has a lot of benefits to derive from Neem based investments, especially in the production of Neem oil- firstly because the raw materials are readily available and also because the technology for extraction of Neem oil is simple and locally available.

Follow the link below to Check out the full article …

Investment potential of Dogonyaro tree



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