What Foreign Media Is Saying About Osinbajo

Nairametrics| As at January 2017, Nigeria seemed to be sinking deeper into economic crisis. It appeared that the exchange rate was going to hit N1000/$1 in a matter of months and the recession would go on for longer than expected and no solution seemed forthcoming.

However, a month later, and the optimism that never dared rear its head, has started to flow again. Nigerians now can afford to dream of better times. That euphoria is connected to the temporary takeover of presidential duties by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

The dynamism and proactive stance that the country has long missed during the past 18 months has started to yield results and even foreign media seem to have noticed. In two brutally honest articles, both Reuters and The Economist laid bare the differences between the 2 leaders and accept that a little more rest may be necessary for the 74-year old if Nigeria is to make progress.

For its part, Reuters showed how Osinbajo’s hands on approach has been felt in different quarters of the economy. From the longer work hours, heavier workload, improved calm in the restive Niger-Delta region, following his visits, to the unceremonious sack of several directors of the civil aviation authority, Osinbajo’s proactive approach was hailed as responsible for putt purpose into an administration that often looked clueless as to how to handle the problems besieging the country.

“This man is a workaholic,” one presidency insider said. “I wonder whether he rests at all because he even shifts some of the meetings to his official residence.” Reuters reported one diplomat as saying.

The Economist took a slightly different approach, highlighting how woefully the administration had performed during the about 2 years since its inauguration, laying the majority of the fault on Buhari’s feet. According to them, with no consideration for current realities refused to allow the Naira to float, repeating his antics of the ’80s that led to the acute scarcity of dollars and the rapid flight of investors from the country.

“The country is almost uninvestable,” says one. Importers that can’t get hold of dollars have been crippled. “To take a bad situation and make it worse clearly takes a bit of trying,” the article quotes Manji Cheto, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence as saying.

According to the article, the technocratic experience of Osinbajo is already paving way for positive changes as steps are under way to improve the country’s rankings in the Ease of Doing Business scale as well as lay the groundwork for a ‘proper devaluation’ of the Naira.

Despite the nuances, both articles agree that Osinbajo’s one month in charge, is resulting in more being done as the two leaders could not be any more different in their approach to matters. What they also agree on is that Osinbajo needs to be given more time in charge if the country is to have any hope of curling the bend to recovery.

Some of the Acting President’s achievement so far;

  • Negotiations with Niger Delta Community
  • Signing of 7 new bills into law, while refusing to accent to 4 others
  • Fast tracking improvements in Nigeria’s ease of business ranking
  • Change in forex policy after National Economic Council Meeting
  • Meeting with US Army and other foreign  diplomats
  • Ratcheting up Buhari’s Social Investment Programs
  • Series of meetings held with various stakeholders across the country

Professor Osinbajo on his own part has been cautious and circumspect about his performance thus far, making sure to attribute his actions to the directives laid  by his boss, President Buhari.

The very first law of the popular book, 48 laws of power, says “Never Outshine the master”.


Chacha Wabara

Chacha Wabara is a legal practitioner, blogger and fitness coach. She has over 5 years experience in blogging and freelance writing. She has written several articles and research work over the years as a freelance contributor. She joins Nairametrics as Our News and Analysis Lead.

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The truth is an ordinary does not give a damn about those Reuter and the british economist opinion.signing law maybe null,so far the national assembly have not given the vice-president powers to sign,as the president is still alive but sick it’s possible the national assembly will debate this sick president and conveys full power to the vice-president,which happened under yar’adua, conferring full power to the vice-president as acting president.
some of the action the vice-president took are as a result of the initiation of the office of the president then.WHY ARE FOREIGNER ARE HAMMERING OTHE FLOATING OF THE NAIRA AND FOR WHAT REASON.WE NIGERIANS KNOWS WHY.
The nation is going through a painful transition,a very weak structural changes.very soon the nation will take control of their destiny,we are going to expel those americans from Nigeria,if they do not respect Nigeria.they should stay in their country.if they are smart they are smart to themselves.if their president is arrognant and stupid,he is to himself

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