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financial security

If you’re in your 20s & 30s, here are some ideal investments

It struck me that I have peers who are struggling and confused about how and what to invest in while young, in order to ensure financial security at old age. So, I wrote this article...

This report explains why Nigerians are bent on leaving the country

Remittances by Nigerians abroad are making far-reaching economic impacts back home, according to a report by @PwC_Nigeria.
PlentyWaka, Farmcrowdy, Crowdyvest, Uber, Bolt, OBus

Crowdyvest lanches PlentyWaka to compete with Uber and OBus

Farmcrowdy-owned investment platform, Crowdyvest has launched PlentyWaka, its business-style bus riding service in Lagos, competing with OBus and Uber.