Snail farming is one of the numerous goldmine that people are yet to grasp, all thanks to a bit of ignorance. The business is just as lucrative as fish or poultry farming and can be done anywhere irrespective and does not require a significant amount of capital outlay.

This business is not at all, capital-intensive and can make over N2.5 million within 6 months just by rearing these little land creatures and at the same time, keep your regular job. The traditional method of picking them in the bush is fast going into extinct due to recent improvements in snail making business. This perhaps is the more reason why snail farming is a route you must take if you must be financially free.

Achatina specie, the giant African land snail has its home in West Africa and has increased the appetite of West Africans for snail as it is served through traditional meals. An average snail is composed of 80% water, 15% protein and 2.4% fat, coupled with essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium and are a rich source of vitamins E, A, K and B12. Its rich taste and aroma is something that has kept many Africans in captive.

Snail farming isn’t only consumed in Africa, it’s a known delicacy in US and can also be found in most UK and European restaurants. Here are some of the benefits of going into Snail farming;

  1. Snail farming doesn’t require much land or space.
  2. Snail feeds are cheap and readily available
  3. Very easy to run and doesn’t require much man labour
  4. Not capital-intensive
  5. Very lucrative and profitable. Capable of earning over N5 million in a year

There are other benefits of snail farming, which can also lead to profit maximization.  Here is how to start Snail Farming;

How to start

  1. Snail farming environment Р Wind is a major enemy as long as snail farming is concerned and must be taking into serious consideration. Locating your snail farm in an enclosed environment with trees might work just fine. Planting trees or plants like plantain, banana etc. can also help prevent the snail from dehydrating or losing water and further help in their breeding.

  2. Soil type – Soil is the main components in snail farming and getting the right soil makes a whole lot of difference. Snails derive most of the elements needed to survive right from the soil. So, getting the perfect soil will be getting one that’s not waterlogged, not too dry either and must not be acidic. Going by this, the perfect soil will be sandy-loamy.

  3. Getting the snail – Buying snails or the eggs might be a nice option, but getting them directly from the bush is better and commendable. This is because buying from sellers exposes them to sunlight which negatively affect the productive rate. Preferably, a handpicked snail from the bush or the eggs.

  4. The snail structure – The snail house or snailery is another step towards setting up your snail farm. Situating it in a fenced ground, protected from winds or in a small enclosure if it’s a small snail farm, will be just perfect. Most people usually dig pits and it’s mostly the best because snail loves cold and dark places. In fact, it helps to accelerate their productivity especially in laying eggs. When setting up a domain for your snail, make sure you take preventive measures against some predators like rats, ants etc.

  5. Feeds – You can feed your snails with green leaves and fruits and they will do just fine. This is one of the terrific reasons why snail farming is lucrative. You don’t need to spend millions on feeds. Just leaves and fruits, maybe a little feed formula that contains calcium for proper development of the shells.

  6. Harvest – It’s advised that you leave your snail till maturity. It’s only then will you reap the full benefits that comes with snail farming. To know if the snail has matured, check the brim of the shell and see if it’s thicker than the rest of the body. If it is, then it’s matured and ready to tour the market.

Snail farming is lucrative and will continue to be, at least for now. Imagine selling over 50,000 snails at the rate of N50. That’s about N2.5 million. The possibilities are endless. You don’t need an e-book to start a snail farm here in Nigeria. Snail farming is one of the easiest and profitable venture out there.

If you have any question regarding snail farming, use the comment box and I will respond as fast as I can.


Guest Author – Henry Ibeleme is a professional entrepreneur who believes that opportunities lie around, waiting to be harnessed. His love for writing and self-reliance lead him to launch one of the uprising entrepreneurship blog in Nigeria, Entrepreneurs Mirror. According to him, EntMirror is a home to entrepreneurs.
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  1. thank you for your post. Do you know anyone currently in the snail business. I am looking to partner with someone and help scale up as required

  2. Hello, thank you for your post. Are you aware of any individual in the snail business who is looking to partner up. I am looking to also get in it and assist in all ways i can to expand scale

    • Hi Turner, good to see you here. Unfortunately, you’ll have to dig around a little to find them. Going to some Nigerian forums like Nairaland, naijawarriors etc will surely connect you to individuals looking for partners in this business.

      Don’t also underestimate the power of social media.. You can really sought them out with a little update on your facebook wall. You never can tell the friends up your list.

  3. Thanks Henry for you post. I currently work but was looking into other areas of income generation. I have read about snail farming and I have always been interested in it because it seems to be one of the cleanest and profitable businesses around. I have a half plot of land at Ikotun and more than 2 plots in Ogun state for this business

    Please can you assist with the following:
    1. Where to get the snails to breed
    2. Cost estimates to start up
    3. Potential Buyers

    any other relevant information is welcome.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Bababode,

    You can get the snail directly from the bush or buy the eggs from another snail farm. Buying the snails directly from a buyer isn’t really proper cause it’s been exposed to sunlight which will affect the snails productivity negatively.

    You can start with as low as N50,000, then grow from there. But if your finance is more, there’s no harm in investing the more.

    Everybody is a potential buyer. You can visit some restaurants, hotels, or even supply directly to retailers in the market. The possibilities are endless.

    Thank you.

    • Hello dear anonymous, I think the article made clear on the kind of feeds that’s required. Leaves and fruit, a little calcium formula is also important for the snail development.

      Why snail farming is very lucrative is because you won’t have to waste thousands of feeds, you can easily get them around and yet, make enormous from sales.

  5. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the article.
    I already have an acre of land, and I am really interested in this farming big time. Do I have an estimate to set this up? What would this project cost assuming I am using half an acre?

    Appreciate your response.

    Thank you.

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