Data: Nigeria’s Historical Domestic Debt (1999 – 2016)

Nigeria’s total domestic debt topped about N10.6 trillion as at June 2016. Domestic debt according to the debt management office refers to debts borrowed by the Federal Government via Treasury Bills, FGN Bonds or Treasury Bonds. Our debt profile has risen from about N794 billion in 1999 to N10.6 trillion this year. It is estimated to cross the N11 trillion mark at the end of 2016 and could rise to as high as N14 trillion at the end of 2017. Domestic debt of the Federal Government excludes state government debts and external foreign borrowings.

The chart below details the composition of Nigeria’s debt profile since 1999.

Tip: You can toggle on the smart chart labels to view for example only treasury bills. You can also sort by year using the data table below;

Domestc debt

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