As seen in the proposed budget for 2018, bulk of it has been allocated to many sectors in the nation with crucial roles in advancing the economy of the country, infrastructure, security, and job creation. Unemployment rates multiply yearly. The number of graduates poured into the labour market doesn’t at all equate the job prospects available. This is slow suicide without us even realizing it yet.

With budget allocations, the 2018 Budget is intended to create more jobs for the unemployed masses in these areas:

Agricultural Sector;

Contributing to food security and creating platforms for agro-business in agriculture supply chains, the agricultural sector poses a viable source of employment as there are a good number of traders, farmers, importers and exporters of agricultural produce and investors. Thus, the N118.98 billion pumped into Agriculture and Rural Development for 2018 aims also at providing more jobs for the people.

The President also said in curbing unemployment, patronising Made-in-Nigeria goods and services would encourage more people to get involved entrepreneurially.

In building and developing infrastructures across the country such as roads, railways, ICT and power, more jobs would be created, sufficient manpower and knowledge will be needed for rapid development. These infrastructures will have positive effects on the economy as well receiving N555.88 billion in the Power, Works and Housing sector.

The bill allocates N71 billion of the budget to the Health sector and expects to establish more Health facilities across the nation, hence there would be an increased demand for health inclined personnel (doctors, nurses, medical laboratory scientists etc).

To encourage small and medium scale industries and business, funds will be poured in this sector as this has contributed to job creation, wealth creation and productivity in the economy. This is also intended to provide enabling work environment for private sector businesses.

The Senate President Bukola Saraki on Tuesday, November 7 2017, spoke on unemployment and pointed out that “deliberate steps must be taken to make the 2018 budget a job orientation one.” Saraki also urged the Federal Government to move beyond budgetary provisions to ensure adequate funding is available for execution of projects, and pledged support on behalf of the National Assembly to the President.

The financial proposals in the budget clearly has plans to curb unemployment in the nation, therefore feasible jobs are anticipated for the coming year.


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