ALERT: FBN Holdings Post N15 Billion Profit (2017 Q1)

FBN Holdings today released Interim Financial Statements for the three months ended 31 March 2017.


Net Interest Income N’million

Q1 2017| N80,300

Q1 2016| N63,873

%age change|26%


Profit after tax  N’million

Q1 2017| N15,882

Q1 2016| N20,724

%age change|-23%


EPS (kobo)

Q1 2017| 44k

Q1 2016| 57k

%age change|-23%


Download (PDF, 14.98MB)


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Please analyse FBNH results. What is your recommendation? Guys, we are counting on you to guide us right.


Mr Ugoo,
Good day. Let me thank you for your work, honestly i like your analysis. Looking at FBNH 2017 QT 1 and that of 2016, you can see the difference. My question is can investors still have hope on this stock? Thanks.

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