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Take the next step to your entrepreneurial journey with Bolt 

Bolt is Africa’s leading ride-hailing company renowned for its affordable, convenient and reliable services.



9-5 jobs used to be escape routes for many job-seeking graduates. Youths considered these jobs as secure and prestigious. However, the narrative has changed. Some engage in full time small or medium-scale entrepreneurship; others combine the 9-5 with side hustles.  Such hustles include local logistics services, pre-order sales, ride-hailing services, amongst others. The reason is not far-fetched. People want to earn more money and build a comprehensive professional network.

Bolt is Africa’s leading ride-hailing company renowned for its affordable, convenient and reliable services. It operates an app that enables you to hail rides through smartphones and via the web app without a hitch.

The fantastic thing about Bolt services is that it allows people to request rides and begin their entrepreneurial journey as a part-time or full-time driver. Being a driver on the Bolt platform has opened opportunities for several people.  Below are some of the reasons drivers choose to take up driving on Bolt, either part-time or full-time.

More earnings for you

What is a better reason to start a side hustle if not to make extra cash? Starting a part-time job as a driver on Bolt means another stream of income that can help you achieve your long and short-term financial goals. Bolt offers flexibility for its drivers to make decisions on the times to work.  Either you choose to work part-time or full time on the platform, the great earnings, bonuses and benefits are all yours to enjoy.

A chance to build your professional network

Regardless of your background or course of study, working as a Bolt driver part-time or full time is available for you.  Driving provides an opportunity to network with numerous interesting people.  One day you might be taking the founder of the next big thing in tech to the airport, and the next, you could be riding with your favourite artist who could become a mentor. By establishing a professional network, drivers can propel themselves to the next level of the careers they enjoy.

Access to bonuses, discounts and other perks

Joining the league of drivers does not only mean more money for you. It also means you will have access to numerous discounts, prizes, and other incentives for referring drivers. These perks include health insurance cover for top drivers to ride-hailing insurance on all trips, fuel cards, and discounts on car washes and vehicle servicing.  Besides, you get paid for the time you spend driving with Bolt, but you also save money on some purchases and expenses.

An opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills

Having excellent interpersonal skills is essential for any job, and Bolt drivers will improve such skills with ease. After undergoing the required training, you get the chance to develop verbal and non-verbal interpersonal skills as you go about your day. These include emotional intelligence, effective communication using good eye contact and body language, and constructive feedback. You will learn to show empathy and appreciate resolving disagreements amicably. These interpersonal skills honed through frequent interactions with different personalities from different backgrounds can only serve to make you a better person and a better leader in the future.

A privilege to explore your city

Knowing the nooks and crannies of your city is something one should be proud of. As a part-time or full-time Bolt driver, you will be able to explore and learn about your city. You will get familiar with the best spots for almost any activity in your city and town alongside learning how to navigate around traffic hotspots.

To get started on your journey as a Bolt driver, sign up at

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Content Partners

Leadway Pensure celebrates the Nigerian Workforce on Workers’ Day

Leadway Pensure PFA provides top-notch services that assure customers of the safety of their funds and competitive returns on investment.



The economy of Nigeria rests on the shoulders of working men and women who leverage their unique skills, knowledge, interests, and passion to create value every day.  Leadway Pensure believes that these dedicated men and women should be celebrated and as such, took to the airports in a surprise move to celebrate workers and especially their customers on the 1st of May 2021.

Leadway Pensure had Brand ambassadors positioned at the departure lobby, departure lounge, and arrival walkway of the local airports in Lagos and Port Harcourt and engaged traveling workers who took advantage of the public holiday to return home and reunite with their loved ones; welcoming and celebrating them with a warm smile, warm workers’ day wishes; while those registered with Leadway Pensure PFA and have downloaded the Pensure App on their mobile devices, were appreciated. The Pensure App is a one-stop-shop for customers to stay updated on their accounts and initiate major transactions.

“Showing appreciation and recognizing effort helps people feel valued and worthy.  As an organization in the business of helping people get more out of life, we are committed to doing things that constructively affect the lives of our customers at the moment and in the future,” said Ronke Adedeji, Managing Director/CEO of Leadway Pensure.

Certainly, every worker deserves commendation for their hard work and the value they bring, and it’s noteworthy that Leadway Pensure continues to take up this initiative.

Leadway Pensure PFA provides top-notch services that assure customers of the safety of their funds and competitive returns on investment. It is important to recall that the brand recently emerged as the most admired finance and pension brand at the recently held Africa Brand Awards, carting away the best customer care award at the ceremony.

Leadway Pensure PFA can be reached reach via several touchpoints namely, Online Enrolment Portal, Mobile App, Interactive SMS 07018000800, Pensure Online (, SureCal (Pensure Calculator) and these are platforms that provide convenient and transparent access to your pension funds under management.

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Branch announces free unlimited money transfers and Nigeria’s leading investment returns at 20%

Branch has provided over 3 million loans to Nigerians and is now expanding to offer 20% investments and free money transfers.



Africa’s leading finance app invites Nigerians to compare and save

With over 23 million downloads, Branch is one of the most popular lending apps in the world. The app now offers 2 new noteworthy services:

  • Unlimited free money transfer (unmatched amongst today’s finance apps)
  • 20% per annum investment returns (amongst Nigeria’s highest)

These new offerings complement instant loans up to N500,000, free bill pay, airtime top-ups, and other existing services found within the app.  Taken together, customers can now enjoy a single app to manage their money with unmatched value.

“Finding the best deal when it comes to your money can be overwhelming. We have made it simple. Compare our 20% returns and free money transfers to see how Branch is better than your bank” says Dayo Ademola, Managing Director of Branch Nigeria.

A better deal — what’s the catch?

No catch.

Branch’s unlimited free transfers to recipient bank accounts have no hidden fees or restrictions. Most financial apps today charge a transfer fee or cap the number of free transfers.

Unlike other investment platforms where the money is locked for a fixed period, our customers can withdraw their investments after a 24-hour period.  Branch’s 20% per annum return is paid weekly.  Investments through the Branch app are channeled into low risk financial instruments with capital preservation as the ultimate goal. Branch also forfeits its commissions to customers in order to provide returns that are amongst Nigeria’s highest.

To further encourage new customer trials, Branch is offering a limited time additional incentive: for each deposit of N300 or more using the wallet, customers receive a N50 bonus – up to N6,000 in bonuses per year.

There are so many apps.  Why trust Branch?

Branch is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Finance Company and authorised to provide services such as credit and fund management.  Over 23 million people have installed Branch’s app with a 4.4 star rating by over 300,000 reviews on Google Play.  Branch is backed by some of the world’s biggest investors, including Andreessen Horowitz (early backers of Facebook & Twitter) and Visa.  Since 2018, Branch has provided over 3 million loans to Nigerians and is now expanding to offer 20% investments and free money transfers.

About Branch

With over 23 million downloads, Branch is a leading finance app that provides Nigerians access to instant loans, free money transfers, bill payment, and an investment platform that offers a 20% interest rate per annum, all in one place.  In addition to Nigeria, Branch International has offices in Kenya, India, and Silicon Valley.  Founded in 2015, its mission is to provide world-class financial services to the mobile generation.

The Branch app is available on Android devices and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Learn more at

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