Pioneer non-interest bank: Jaiz bank is the first non-interest (Islamic) bank operating in Nigeria.

Ideal business partner: Unlike conventional banks, Jaiz bank operates a model that makes banking interesting to customers. The bank runs on principle of partnership. This means that in the case of trade finance or funding of capital, the bank is actively involved with the customer by sharing both the risk and profit. Simply put, you have your bank as your business partner.

No religious bias: Jaiz Bank operates on principles of Islamic jurisprudence, but is a national bank that offers corporate and commercial banking services to customers regardless of their religious beliefs. The benefits of the bank’s offerings are without religious or ethnic bias.

Banking for the future: Jaiz Bank kids account helps to cushion the effect of contingencies on children. The offering also helps to instill the concept of saving early in children and help them develop financial responsibility later in life. This account can be opened in trust for a child by the parent/guardian who will be the primary account holder with the responsibility of running it until the child attains adulthood. The account is operated based on the principle of Partnership. It allows customers to earn a profit on their deposits.

Socially responsible banking: Jaiz Bank does not support businesses that affect or impact society negatively. E.g The bank does not finance or partner with betting companies, alcohol business, clubs, bars, and the likes.



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