The Federal Capital Territory Administration has banned operators of tricycles (known locally as keke drivers) from plying major roads across the Nigerian capital city. The ban took effect on Monday, despite protests by many of the affected tricycle drivers.

The effect is already being felt 

Sources close to the situation recounted how the tricycle ban in Abuja made transportation difficult on Tuesday. Many people were seen stranded at bus stops and unable to get to work on time due to the absence of tricycles. Those who did find means of transportation were reportedly forced to pay more.

Why this matters 

Note that tricycles make up a significant part of Nigeria’s public transportation system. Across different cities and towns, the typically yellow-painted vehicles are seen everywhere transporting human beings at relatively low cost. Many Nigerian families also depend on the tricycle driving business for the sustenance.

Tricycle owners fight back 

In the meantime, the tricycle operators have vowed to fight back. On Monday, the National President of the Tricycle Owners Association, Austin Apeh, told journalists that plans were underway to seek redress at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria. They will also be seeking to understand whether the FCT authority’s decision to ban tricycles is backed by legislation.

“The FCTA said they would be banning us from the major routes and restrict us to the estates and villages. The decision is going to throw many people into the job markers because keke business feeds over 40,000 persons in Abuja. We want to be proactive and come out on time because another evil is coming after the same assault 17 years ago.”

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Many Nigerians on Twitter agree with Apeh. Uncle Demola is particularly not happy that the authorities decided to ban tricycle drivers without bothering to provide alternatives. But then again, this is a regular occurrence in Nigeria, especially so in Abuja where the authorities are used to “relocating” people without first providing alternatives for them.

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Another Twitter user identified simply as Oyiowoh recounted how he had no choice but to trek a rather long distance under the sun.

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Another person pointed out that the decision to ban tricycle in the Federal Capital Territory might likely aggravate crime in the city as people resort alternative means of survival.



  1. Himmm must of our leaders are educated but not interlligent. Because they always use there stomuch to think insect head. Ok lest all the keke drivers go back to there proviouse job. Non of you will escape inluden your childrens’

  2. Nigerian government is very good at making policies that affects Nigerians negatively, they act before they think like children.
    What is the provision that federal government has put in place to accommodate this people that they have displaced their job and the poor masses?
    Our leaders think with their anuse. You idiots have never made a policy to alleviate poverty rather to subject people to untold hardship.
    Your children are in another person’s country enjoying good policies and you think God is sleeping abi? When God of the poor avenge, you will bring their corps and bury in Nigeria.

  3. Let keke or whatever you call it go. They constitute nuisance on the road. They rob and do one-chance with keke. In short I bless God that they are banned. FCT minister thank you very much


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