It is no longer news that consumers usually take to social media, especially Twitter, whenever they are not satisfied with a brand, product or services and all the producer do is to apologise or provide details needed.

But itel Nigeria broke the jinx as it took to Twitter to hit back at one of the social media users that had ‘unfairly’ criticized one of its mobile devices.

A twitter user, Mr. Trash tweeted with the handle, @assertive_boy, mocked Tecno and itel phones while describing a fictional robbery scene. He tweeted, “When a thief sees you holding a Techno or Itel phone” using a picture portraying rejection or unpleasant look.

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Despite the fact that the tweet was 9-days old, it didn’t go down well with itel Nigeria, as the phone maker didn’t follow the corporate path of ‘customers are Kings’  approach.

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While the other phone maker, Tecno, ignored Mr. Trash’s tweet, itel responded nine days later, stating, “You tweet just like your handle.”

This response has since garnered over ‘4000 retweets’ and over ‘7000 likes’ and Itel replied to tweets that supported its response with a happy smiley.

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Professional or unprofessional? 

For some Nigerians, itel’s response was uncalled for, regardless of the message Mr. Trash was trying to convey with his tweet. According to one Temi, who tweeted via the handle, @Daniel0mole, itel’s response was unprofessional.

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“This an IT company not an influencer’s account. You may not understand now but you will later in life.”



Another user, @chuubiyo, also argued that the path taken by itel was not professional as well, stating that the comment had affected a potential customer.

Also, a Twitter user, The Mayor, who tweeted with handle, @___Debonai, said he didn’t know corporate social media account mocked people as well.

Some supported Mr. Trash’s tweet

While reacting to itel’s response to Mr. Trash, some users think he’s spot on, stating that the phone had its fault.

Supporters of itel

While some disagreed with itel’s response, others felt there’s nothing unprofessional about it.

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Mr. Trash however responded to itel’s clapback, stating he was just making known his opinion, “That was just my opinion.”


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