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Following media reports that Andela has laid off hundreds of its junior engineers due to restructuring purposes, Nigerians took to Twitter to react. Among those reacting are employers of labour who are willing to offer employment opportunities to the former Andela techies.

Celestine Omin once worked at Andela until he left in October 2018 to have a brief stint at Paystack as an Engineering Manager. He now works independently and is asking the laid-off junior engineers to fill out a form; apparently for possible employments.

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Very skilled but expensive: It should not come as a surprise that many companies are willing to offer instant employment to Andela’s former junior techies. The very fact that they have gone through Andela and garnered useful tech skills is enough to excite any employer. However, just as they are skilled, the techies are also quite expensive; maybe too expensive for the average Nigerian employer. Andela is known to pay its employees very well.

As Nairametrics reported, Andela said it has already made arrangements that will enable those affected by the layoffs to get easily get new jobs. So, finding new places to work may never be a problem for the techies. Instead, the problem for them will be about selecting the right employers who can considerably measure up to Andela.

In the meantime, more Nigerians have continued to react to this development. Konga’s former CEO, Shola Adekoya, said the development is a blessing in disguise because many small businesses are going to benefit from it.

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Even Andela’s Co-Founder (Iyinoluwa Aboyeji) who has since left the company, tweeted he is gladdened by the idea of fresh tech talents being released into the ecosystem. He urged Nigerian companies to really take advantage of this development.

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